Llorente: “Nobody gave a penny for us and we ended up winning the League”


The mattress took out his chest from the success achieved by Atlético

Marcos Llorente recalled that “no one gave a penny” for the team when they lost most of their advantage at the head of the standings, and in the end they ended up winning the title, which was handed to them this Sunday at the Metropolitan.

“So many clubs have given us, nobody gave a penny for us and in the end we ended up winning the League. All that type of comments and things that are talked about, we take it easy, we know the sport we play and that it is very mediatic, “he said. Llorente after the celebration of the title at the rojiblanco stadium.

The midfielder acknowledged that this was a League “special” because of the tightness of their resolution, which they ended up ensuring this Saturday after coming back from an adverse 1-0 in Valladolid to win 1-2.

“It has cost us a lot to win it, we have won it in the last minutes, it has been a constant fight until the end, and in the end the whole group has managed to move it forward,” he explained.

On Valladolid They reached the break losing 1-0 and managed to turn the game around in the second half. “It was what we had to do, the goal was to win, we depended on ourselves so we couldn’t wait for what others would do, at halftime we gave ourselves peace of mind, confidence, and a good second half came out in which we managed to put ourselves ahead and that gave us the victory and the title, “he recalled Llorente.

The Madrid footballer thanked the fans for their support, who this year have not been able to be in the stadiums due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have felt them practically every day, in training, when they have been out before and after the games. It is a huge fan, for them it was a difficult situation but they have looked for any way to encourage us,” he concluded.

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