Los Angeles Rams 26-17 Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson injured as Seahawks slip to divisional defeat

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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was out mid-third with a toe injury; Matthew Stafford completed 25 of 37 assists for 365 yards, leading the Los Angeles Rams with a 7-3 deficit at half-time.

Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson retired in the middle of the third quarter with a toe injury when the Seahawks lost 26-17 at home against the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night.

Reserve QB Jeno Smith stepped in and immediately took the Seahawks to a 98-yard touchdown with 10 games, completing all five of their 72-yard attempts, the last of which was a 23-yard hit by D.C. Metcalfe. second receiver touchdown in the game, but Smith’s first throw since 2017 when he played with the New York Giants.

Thanks to Smith’s scoring attack, Seattle was again within two points of Los Angeles, 16-14, only for the Rams to lose again and score in the next streak.

Matthew Stafford made a strong impression, especially in the second half, when he completed 25 of his 37 assists for 365 yards, knocking back a touchdown (and interception in the first quarter).

Darrell Henderson threw himself 82 yards with 17 carries when both he and fellow Rams running back Sonia Michelle found the end zone. Receiver Robert Woods had 150 yards from 12 traps.

Jason Myers scored a field goal in Seattle, making the score with one score just under three minutes before the end of the game, after which the defense followed a quick stop to return the ball to Smith and the attackers with a chance to win the game. the winning disc, but the backup will be selected on a pass intended for Tyler Lockett in the first rally.

The Rams ran out of the game for the rest of time, shooting for a field goal with 24 seconds to win.



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