Luis de la Fuente: “The future of Spanish football is more than guaranteed”


Luis de la Fuente valued the defeat of the Spanish team against Portugal.

Words with the players after the elimination: “I have congratulated them, that I am proud of their work during all this time, the future of Spanish football shows that it is guaranteed. The penalty has been very clear.”

The VAR: “Everything that helps to prevent these situations, the better. I am a defender of the VAR. It is curious that there were two years ago and not this year. It seems that we are justifying, but the VAR shows that it helps more than it hurts. “.

Result: “I think that in the first half it was an uncontrolled game, perhaps they have taken more initiative, but in the second half we have been more ambitious, I think we generated enough to get ahead on the scoreboard. We did not have that success and obviously, we know that they are parties so evenly matched and the details have decided it, we must master the details, in the face of such equality the balance leans with it.

Brahim’s change: “We understood that the game was on the wings and we needed freshness. That was the reason. I was tired, but like everyone else.”

Rest: “I am already thinking about what is coming to us now, which is the Olympic Games. We are going to finish the concentration accordingly. I am going to finish with all the integrity that they have to demand of me and be with them until the end. We are working with the Games. I always said that after the European, I would talk about the Games. “

Cuenca: “Tucked securely, this group is a family, but Jorge is not to blame for anything, it has been a strange rebound and he is not at fault. He has had a great behavior and a lot of progression in his career, for everyone.”

Requirement level. “You must never stop trying to win and that ambition and point of constant improvement is good. This is how growth occurs and you have to value what you achieve, but a team that gives everything will not win, but is never defeated. I understand that there is sadness or sorrow for not achieving the goal, but I am not disappointed with the team because I know what it costs. Also, when you win a lot you are closer to defeat than to achieve victories. You have to value Spanish football and recognize that the future is guaranteed. Other teams have fallen by the wayside and are not at this stage of the championship. “

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