Luis de la Fuente: “Young people do not fail when they are trusted”


Tafter a start of concentration moved by the covid, Luis de la Fuente (Haro, La Rioja, 1961) has in mind to get the third consecutive final in a European under 21 in order to Spain and, obviously, win it. The coach made some changes to the team and crossed his fingers that there are no more mishaps. Ask yours to raise the level to beat Croatia, first obstacle in the continental championship.

The concentration began with the visit of the covid, how has it been lived?
Once it happens, it is surprising that in a year and a half it has not happened before. It shows that a great job has been done and the boys have been responsible. Unfortunately, what happened is normal at this time. The positive is that the protocols have worked and there have been no more infections. In addition, there have been enriching situations. We value group work and coexistence more. We did zoom meetings and we were plugged in.
The worst has been not being able to train together.
At the sporting level, he has disrupted the plans. We haven’t trained together yet. The first day in a group of 12, after 14 and Friday 15. This Saturday we will all be there.
A shame the absence of Moncayola.
Jon is especially loved. He is very nice and brings a lot of life to the group. People were very touched.
Speaking of the list, why are the changes?
It is also doing justice. We handle a group of 25-30 players among which anyone could have come in previous calls. Some have not come before due to circumstances and now they can. They have the capacity to be here, but from the conviction that it is not a gift, if not that they have a level and perform well even if they are new. I am convinced that they will contribute a lot. Sometimes you need to stimulate in some way. This format allows us to assess that some have a better state of form, a more positive emotional state … They are things that invite us to make these decisions. I’m happy, the new ones will be able to show their level, but it hurts me for those who are not.
Does any absence in particular hurt you?
It is not for not personalizing, but really that everyone has contributed a lot and I am very grateful. When someone is left out it hurts, the most difficult thing is to make a list. But it is also an important step of maturity, that they know that football has these things. I interpret it from the positive side and they should see it as an encouragement to keep working harder and progress.
Does he have Bryan again?
It has characteristics that, perhaps due to football fashions, have been lost. It has changed to the extreme bands, it is played with less amplitude … But they are players that do not go out of style, on the contrary, we value them and they are essential. In the attack line everyone is different and it enriches the team.
Four players under 21 age are in the absolute.
Show the potential of Spanish football. Young people do not fail when they are trusted and this team, with those players, would have tremendous potential. Still, we are very happy that they have this opportunity and are at the highest level. It is a recognition of our work and allows others to have a chance. It is also the reason for making changes, there are many footballers who need to be recognized to have a place in football.
Is your masterpiece defending this team?
Mainly because, although it is very literary, we have defended with the ball. It looks good, but that’s the way it is. We have been disciplined, very supportive and it has made us a difficult team to overcome, but with a clear premise of a game model as a Federation, which is to try to have the ball, combine, move quickly, try to evolve in some aspects that gives wealth to our football.
Where else is there to improve is in attack?
Everything needs to be improved, but we have a lot to do with that. It is true that when the players do not score goals they enter that loop and in the end it is worse. It is better to leave them alone because they are scorers and have done so throughout their careers. For what we generate, we need to be effective. We created a lot of chances and we didn’t score as many goals, but they will come. The important thing is to generate chances. You will get to that point of being more effective. * l
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