Luis Enrique has not gone crazy, he is like that


The word revolution does not scare Luis Enrique. He did not do it when he was a footballer, with shirt changes and controversial gestures, and does not do it now. The coach is a reputable breaker. For him, each game is a change of cycle. It doesn’t matter if the next season is the Eurocup. Why wait for the event to pass if the earthquake can be anticipated?

The morbid pleasure of a list always consists of picking up a magnifying glass, acting as a detective and writing down the absent ones. Luis Enrique served on the menu of the 24 chosen (two less than those allowed) a bacchanal for the debates. Sergio Ramos, no; Diego Llorente, yes; Navas, no; Azpilicueta, yes; Aspas, no; Adama Traoré, yes; Channels, no; Sarabia, yes.

Among all the decisions, the reaper applied to Sergio Ramos stands out, a classic that has chained one injury after another, wondering if he could have been waited for an appointment where experience in great battles is valued. The Madrid central defender has not chosen the calendar well this season, both on and off the pitch. The astracanada of the Kosovo party has taken its toll.

The void to Navas

Nor is the void left behind on Jesús Navas, who for months seemed fixed on the right wing. The sevillista was another of those in the photo from South Africa. His absence in a position in which Carvajal will also be absent due to a strange injury even more. With those last discards, the golden age only remain Jordi Alba and Busquets.

In short, Luis Enrique summons 14 players from foreign leagues. He does not call any Madrid footballer. Choose several regular substitutes in your clubs. It surprises even some footballers as he admitted in the case of Sarabia. Luis Enrique has not gone crazy. He is like that. Fun is assured. And the revolutions.

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