Luis Suárez completes his roulette

SEven as the years go by, the rivals change the teams, the coaches succeed each other and he adapts to new assistants. But Luis Suarez does not fail. It is true that he no longer has the top speed with which he arrived in Spanish football eight seasons ago, but goalkeepers continue to fear him. It does not matter that you have trained with him every day as happened last Saturday to Ter Stegen Or if you have only measured the Uruguayan on some occasion, the only certainty is that you will end up picking up a ball from the bottom of your goal. And is that Luis Suarez made history against him Barcelona at Metropolitan. Until the visit of the culés in the past day The gunman 31 teams had been measured in The league and his former club was the only one he hadn’t scored against. But it was a matter of time. What he could not achieve last season, he did in the last match. He asked for forgiveness.

Ex’s law

It was clear that seeing the situation in which the two sides arrived at the Metropolitan, nor was it quoted that Luis Suarez I was going to see the goal. For the visiting side, a coach who had done everything possible to get the Uruguayan out of Barcelona last season and at home, a player on the crest of the wave after scoring again away from home in Champions League. And as if that were not enough, with the bad treatment he received in his last days in the Barcelona in his memory. Thus, first he assisted precisely, then he failed as he rarely does and finally gave the finishing touch to a team that continues to see its former striker celebrate successes from a distance.

Seven years thrashing

Since December 20, 2014 Luis Suarez scored the second goal of the 5-0 endorsed by the Barcelona to the Cordova at Camp Nou has not stopped. The Eibar He has taken 12 vaccines in the nine times he has crossed his path with the Uruguayan, the Betis has seen how the mattress tip endorsed them 11 goals in eight games played and the Athletic he celebrated his signing twice. They won a goal and took off a major headache as seen with the four goals he scored Suarez to his current team when he defended the colors of the Barcelona.

You already understand with your companions

Beyond scoring the goal against him Barcelona and to add the name of the culé team to a list in which there were already teams as diverse as Huesca, Deportivo, Real Madrid, Elche, Girona, Almería, Sevilla, Villarreal, Las Palmas, Sporting or Malaga, the truth is that one of the best news for the mattresses was the connection that had Suarez with his attack partners. In a season where there are many names in the last mattress line, the Uruguayan has shown that he can feel comfortable with any of them. This is how it was seen when in the first goal rojiblanco understood perfectly with Joao or when it was his turn to finish off after an assist of Thomas lemar. Also in Milan green shoots were seen in his football relationship with Griezmann and next to strap He already starred in key actions last season to achieve the league title.

LaLiga Top 15

With 172 targets, he is still a long way from the 474 goals he reached Messi before leaving to PSG the last summer. But we must not forget that to give value to the scoring figures it should be noted that this figure has been achieved in only 231 games played. In addition, unlike the great scorers such as Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, only 12 goals have come from the penalty spot. The next goal of Suarez should be surpass town, although it has it to 13 goals of difference.

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