Marcelino: “It would be a serious mistake to think that the game against Mallorca will be easy”

Nor adding two victories in a row was one of Athletic’s main moles in the past year. Even so, Marcelino only focuses on the immediate and on getting his team “to become a winner.” For this they will have to overcome a Mallorca that is coming at a good time and that will not be an easy rival.

The Asturian has insisted that it would be a serious mistake to believe that it will be an affordable match for the simple fact that it is a recently promoted. In addition, the union between fans and players is essential to be able to win victories in San Mamés.

The match against Mallorca

“I expect a difficult match. We must avoid getting confused. We are in a good moment and to think that now Mallorca will be an easy game is a serious mistake. We must face the game with the utmost humility and respect for our opponents. Doing everything right is difficult against any rival, whatever his name is, that is why we have to seek our highest level because that implies that we can approach it

Add wins consecutively

Our idea is immediate, to win this game. We want the team to become a winner and for that we have to win consecutively to achieve three new points “

Get strong at home

Team that is strong at home, is up. For that you have to add a lot of three and our hobby is very important. We know that in Athletic it is very difficult for rivals when there is that union between the team and the fans. We will have to do everything possible to hook the fans, But they have to realize that we are a team in a transition period and that they are going to do their best so that the fans are on your side. There must be an absolute union “

Defensive improvement

The credit goes to the footballers, the eleven who are on the field are involved. Last season we were a team that also received little, but we had some imbalances in our area that I think we have been correcting, but at the same time, we will have to wait a longer time to see if we really took a very pronounced step forward “

The stop

“I always say that when we start the competition we know the calendar. We knew there was this break, that it was good for us to recover players and it gave us time to continue working. You have to adapt to compete. When there is a break it is important to get into competition again and we have to do so. We will see the answer tomorrow, but I am optimistic and I am convinced that it will be good “

Lekue will repeat as headline

“A coach when his team wins, competes well, perform at a high level and these players have a behavior without any reproach in terms of attitude and concentration, does not usually make many changes “

The possibility of Muniain playing second striker

“There is always an ideal position for the footballer and there is always a position that the coach considers ideal for him. In most circumstances, they coincide and there is not a big difference in performance between one position or the other. Iker may prefer to play on the inside, but we believe that it is better for us in that position to have combinatorial play in the opposite field. But he can play in that position. How can we optimize its performance? Having more possession, playing more in the opposite field and increasing their areas of influence “

About Zarraga

“He is a footballer who joined when we arrived, but we had a lot of people there. He had little participation and then an injury. He comes from a complicated injury, we had to go very cautiously and now he is in a process of improvement. He is dynamic, on the right foot, disciplined, daring and with a long journey. Maybe he needs a progression in tactics, but with his attitude the improvement is constant and I think he will offer us good performance “

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