Marcone, self-critical: “I can improve a lot and give much more to the team”


The midfielder is an immovable piece of the eleven franjiverde

Iván Marcone has made an act of self-criticism at a press conference. The Elche midfielder, an immovable part of the eleven throughout the season, has acknowledged that he can “improve a lot and give much more to the team.” With a performance from more to less, he wants to take a step forward in the last four days, in which the franjiverdes play their permanence in First.

“Personally, one tries to improve day by day. But there are always nuances or certain difficulties throughout the season that make us diminish our performance. There are many things that can harm a player who comes to a new club. It is one New league and new teammates. There have been good moments and others in which things did not go well, “analyzed Marcone, for which Elche will pay 4.2 million euros to Boca Juniors for the transfer with compulsory purchase.

Despite his personal vision, the 30-year-old pivot (June 31) indicated that “the very high expectations of playing and being a protagonist to help the team are being met.” A continuity that he has had with the two Elche coaches this season: Jorge Almirón, with whom he has already coincided for several years in Argentina, and now Fran Escribá.

“The coach is the one who chooses the players. I have played many games. I want to restore my confidence by improving every day. I had a great relationship with Jorge (Almirón). But the players are adapted to the changes. Fran’s coaching staff (Escribá ) has given us great tools and they are great people, “said Marcone, who hopes to” continue for a long time “wearing the green-franj shirt.

Sarandí’s midfielder He assured that the criticism suffered on social networks does not harm him: “At this point in our career, they don’t affect us. I know what I’m doing well and where I can improve. The only thing I can do if I listen to criticism is to harm myself. I have teammates and coaching staff who help me.”

Marcone also extended the criticism to the rest of the Elche team, which occupies the relegation zone in the final stretch of the course: “Surely, we are all not satisfied with the work done throughout the season. Our expectation would have been to be much higher. The levels have not been the best.”

“I see the options for salvation with great optimism”

On the other hand, the Argentine pivot sees Elche’s salvation options “with great optimism”, despite the difficult qualifying situation. The franjiverdes are penultimate to a point of permanence with twelve at stake: “We believe in daily work. We do not doubt that by giving our best as a team in the last four games, we will move forward.”

Facing the next match against Real Sociedad at home, Marcone stressed that they must “go out to win.” Elche will try to break the streak of more than half a year without beating away from Martínez Valero in the League: “He is a great rival, with his goals. Perhaps in another situation or moment of the tournament, we could analyze and work in another way. But the Necessity leads us to go out and win. This is how we come out in all the games, which are important. Be they at home or away. ”

Finally, the ‘4’ franjiverde downplayed whether “the very great physical wear” of the championship can affect the last days, one of them every week: “To achieve permanence, fatigue is left aside. We must give a double effort “.

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