Martín Merquelanz and Kevin Rodrigues will be the new signings of Rayo Vallecano

ANDl Vallecano Ray its almost closed two next additions. As MARCA has learned, the players of Real Sociedad Martín Merquelanz and Kevin Rodrigues They will arrive at the franjirrojo club (in principle on loan) and will thus reinforce two indispensable positions for the team: left side and extreme.

Martin Merquelanz has always been a Rayo’s priority after Andoni Iraola firmly bet on his signing after having directed him two seasons ago at Mirandés. His arrival seemed very difficult due to financial issues, but finally both clubs have agreed and Rayo Vallecano already has winger positions closed with Álvaro García, Isi Palazón, Baby and Martín Merquelanz himself.

In addition, Rayo has the possibility of reinforcing another position that he also needed, such as that of left side. Fran García starts as a starter in that demarcation but a footballer was needed to compete for the position and that will be Kevin Rodrigues. The side does not count in the Real and they were looking for a way out, so the operation is beneficial for all parties.

Rayo is thus credited to double transfers. Already arrived Pathe Ciss and Randy Nteka hand in hand from Fuenlabrada and now they do the same Kevin Rodrigues and Martín Merquelanz. In addition, they have also incorporated Fran García and Iván Balliu, With what facing the first day of the League against Sevilla, although the squad is not closed, it will be quite advanced. The arrivals of two centrals, two forwards and a midfielder are still pending (the latter as long as it improves what there is).

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