Michel Sánchez, the one chosen by Girona

LGirona’s sports management has chosen the new coach who will have to replace Francisco’s departure to lead the Catalan team towards the umpteenth attempt to return to the first division. Michel Sánchez is the favorite in the pools to take over the last bench in the category that remains free, with the month of July already beginning and barely ten days before the start of the preseason.

The former professional player has won the game against García Pimienta, a former Barça B coach, struck down coinciding with the arrival of Laporta to the Blaugrana presidency, who also liked him for his football proposal. The white-and-red entity and Michel will soon have to close some contractual fringes that remain pending to, without further delay, announce the agreement and get down to work for the new 2021/22 academic year.

Michel began his career on the benches as a coach in Rayo Vallecano’s formative football, where he is a legend. At the end of the 2016/17 season, he took the reins of the franjirrojo first team and took it to the top category the following year, although the season did not end after being dismissed on matchday 28 and relieved by Paco Jémez, who failed to save those of Vallecas.

In the 2019/20 season, Michel led Huesca, a team with which he returned to first place until last season he was fired after matchday 18. If he finished at Girona, the Madrid native will try to get his third promotion with a team Catalan who has been on the verge of achieving it after reaching the final of the playoffs twice in just one year.

Loaned they must leave

With the change of season, Girona has recovered eight of the nine players that it had on loan from different teams. The club has already transferred Kevin Soni to Asteras Tripoli, with Ramalho the same will happen since Osasuna will exercise the purchase option for just over half a million euros, but with the rest, the Catalan club is still looking for a way out because the Most of them mortgage a salary limit that will be even lower.

Gallar, Diamanka and Jairo are the most complex cases signed, the first two, the first year after the descent with high chips. For Mojica, with a first class inherited contract, it is expected that he will have offers since he has a good cartel at the international level – Elche did not exercise the purchase option for 2.5 million but wants to negotiate a reduction-; and the cases of Iago López, Joaquín Zeballos or Maxi Villa, now injured, are different thanks to their youth and possibilities of leaving, unless one of them ends up remaining in the squad

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