NFL Predictions Week Five: Jeff Reinebold regains some ground on Neil Reynolds but can he keep the comeback going?

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Watch Thursday Night Football – Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks – live on the Sky Sports NFL from 1.20 am on Friday; Join Neil Reynolds and live together from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday for the New York Jets @ Atlanta Falcons from 1:30 pm (kick off at 2:30 pm).

Jeff Reinebold lost a bit to Neil Reynolds last week, but will he be able to continue the comeback as they make their NFL predictions for week five?

After an unsuccessful match in week four, Jeff (9) overtook Neal (8) to solidify his lead and close the gap to three points (42-39) ahead of week five.

Click on the link below to listen to this week’s ITH podcast. and read on to see Neil and Jeff’s predictions in week five …

Thursday Night Football Live on Sky Sports NFL, Tuesday 13.20.


Neil Reynolds Jeff Reinebold
First week nine 7
Week two 13 12
Week three 12 eleven
Week four eight nine
Total points 42 39

“I’m going to support Rams to recover from last week’s defeat at the Cardinals. Seattle beat San Francisco, but they dominated most of that game. “


“I’m taking the Rams to bounce back. Seattle’s defense still scares me.”

@ Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Sunday, Sky Sports NFL Live at 2:30 pm

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