NFL Thanksgiving Week games live on Sky Sports: Bengals @ Titans, Saints @ 49ers, plus Thursday triple-header

This week’s NFL Sunday action live on Sky Sports sees the Cincinnati Bengals (6-4) take on the Tennessee Titans (7-3) in an AFC juggernaut clash, while the San Francisco 49ers (6-4) takes over New Orleans. Saints (4-7) – Live on Sky Sports NFL from 6pm Sunday.

It’s Thanksgiving week in the NFL, and not only do we have the usual Sunday night live action on Sky Sports, but we also have extra football on Thanksgiving Thursday itself.

The Bengals-Titans matchup is not only a meeting of two AFC juggernauts, but also a repeat of last year’s divisional round playoff match between the pair, in which the Bengals won 19-16 en route to the Super Bowl. Beginning in Nashville at 6:00 pm.

After that, we head to San Francisco, where the 49ers win a three-game streak in their home game against the struggling Saints – the action kicks off at Levi’s Stadium at 9:25 pm. You can also stay up to date on all other Sunday night NFL games by watching RedZone on Sky Sports Mix from 18:00.

As we wrap up our Sunday night action, we join our friends on NBC for a football night in america and Sunday Night Football with Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers (4-7) are absolutely desperate for a win to keep their waning playoff hopes alive as they travel to the best club in the NFC. Philadelphia Eagles (9-1) – start at 1:20, early Monday morning.

However, before we get into the Sunday night action, there’s also a triple bill of games on Thanksgiving Thursday itself, with Buffalo Bills (7-3) started the game by playing their second game in Detroit in four days when they faced an in-form lions (4-6) teams that have won their last three matches in a row – all starting at 5:30 pm, live on Sky Sports NFL.

After the action at Ford Field Dallas Cowboys (7-3) will play their traditional Thanksgiving home game, this time it will be the NFC East division showdown against New York Giants (7-3), the start is scheduled for 21:30.

And the final entertainment of the evening is an appetizing match between New England Patriots (6-4) and Minnesota Vikings (8-2) at US Bank Stadium, where the hosts are desperate to bounce back from last week’s 40-3 crushing blow from Dallas – this match is live from 1:20 am early Friday morning.

Finally, wrapping up the action of Week 12 on Monday Night Football, Indianapolis Colts (4-6-1) place Pittsburgh Steelers (3-7) in a mandatory match if either side still harbors playoff ambitions. Watch it live on Sky Sports NFL Tuesday at 1:15am.

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