Pacheta: “I think we played the most complete game”


The coach celebrates a victory that returns his team to the fight for salvation

Pacheta could not hide his satisfaction at the end of the match against Real Sociedad. A goal on the horn was worth three points and after three days biting the dust, he puts Huesca back in the ointment of permanence.

Match analysis

“It is not easy to cover Real. They dominate all facets of the game. The clearest chance they have had I think was in minute 1. We adjusted and the difference was that today we put it in. I think it is The most complete game we have ever had. Sandro hit him wonderfully. In the defeats the team has not been bad. This victory is much more important because of who the rival is. “

Physical state

“I don’t even know who I’m going to be able to count on for the next game. The cards are part of football, I like my teams to be tough within normalcy. Maffeo is fine but I also appreciate that he hadn’t played for a long time. I think we’ve arrived good at the end of the game. Everyone told me they were fine. We have been managing the changes more for sensations, rather than removing due to discomfort or because they ask for it. “

Taste of victory against a rival like this

“It tastes like glory. I think this victory is very important because of how it was achieved. We have been very brave, we have gone to look for Real on their land. We have gone for them. We have to always be that brave. victory will strengthen us a lot. “

Meeting script

“A lot of things have come out and they have turned out very well. We knew we had to be very good on the pressure and on the marks. We had to watch our backs a lot because they are very fast. We had to be very careful about their speed. We knew we could hurting with such high pressure, it turned out well. Everything we had planned was similar to what happened. The team played a great game, it will give us a lot of confidence. “

Situation in the classification

“I don’t look too much at the classification, I look at the feelings and at my players. I’m not going to sleep looking at the table. I look at my players and the fans.”

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