Paco López: “We are the same coach and the same players”

The Levante coach defends the group after criticism and ensures that when things were going well, there was no talk of a lack of character.

Paco Lopez it breaks when things get stuck. There’s no doubt. He has always shown it in Levante. With four losses in the last five games, some criticism has appeared. “Without wanting to make an excuse for anything, I live this so normally that when the results have gone well, there has been no talk of character. I know these things come out when the results don’t go. They are the same players, team, coach … This sport is so beautiful, there are so many factors that everyone can understand what happens to the team when they do not win a game, two or whatever. We have to demand 100% of ourselves in all aspects “.

How do you face the game?

“Tomorrow’s game is complex and at the same time transcendental. The last two defeats have led us to tomorrow’s game to certify our permanence.”

Óscar Duarte’s automatic renewal

“The contractual conditions neither condition me nor do I know them. Very seldom unless I am told about something. It does not condition me at all. In any case, I know that there have been conversations with their agents, but they do not condition me.”

Three important matches in a row

“It seems to me a final tomorrow, which is the first one we have and in which I put my strength. I don’t think about anything else: in the Eche tomorrow. The final is every game we play at that time. I think about doing things well tomorrow. , in giving the highest level in a League where there is no rival who gives you a truce. If you are not better than the rival, it is much more difficult to win the game. We have to give 100% in each action.

The attitude

“It is not about launching any different speech. I have always respected opinions very much, especially if they are of the people who feel this club, but I have always said it our obligation: regardless of the final result, which is what opinion marks, in The only thing I can influence is to work, so that the players have some signs of identity. If the last two results have not been good, there will be things that or we do completely well and in which we have to insist. it tends to be very negative and in my life I always do it the other way around. Being aware of who we are, to remain positive. We have to do better in order to win. “

Bad end of season

“What we try is to win each game. I am not afraid of anything, but the responsibility that the team wins the maximum games, which is not easy to do. We can do nothing but focus on the day to day The evaluations, as always, will be made at the end of the season on matchday 38. “

The rival on the bench: Fran Escribá

“It has given it a different nuance, but it continues to have footballers of a good technical level with players like Fidel and Tete very good in one-on-one; with Boyé, who plays very well on his back; midfielders of a good technical level. First-class teams have their strengths and their weaknesses. We are going to have our strength and try to influence their weaknesses. To beat a team like Elche, with its virtues, which has many, we hope they will give us and certify once more the permanence in First Division “.

Too much criticism after losing to Sevilla

“We have never made an excuse for casualties, but they are there. We have been in Levante for three and a half years and we have to demand much more of ourselves because people demand it of us. We have to improve for the people. Time in the end is the judge of some general evaluations. I try to cope well because it makes me come up, although we all would like to win more games. We all like praise and for that we have to do more things “.

Roger Marti

“Roger has been with the subject of pubalgia for a long time. The other day we gave him a break and we are going to see if we can find the best Roger between now and the end of the season.”

Malsa’s level

“Each game is different. The rival of the other day are very powerful players and they play with three in midfield. There are many nuances in that. I cannot say that Malsa can replace someone or not. We make the alignments based on many things: moments, what we want to do with and without the ball … That’s why they pay us and the coaches are paid well: to get the best possible success, which unfortunately we don’t always get it “.

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