Patricia Rodríguez, optimistic: “We have an extraordinary squad”

Dfrom his arrival in Los Cármenes, Patricia Rodríguez has worked tirelessly. Now, he has stopped for a moment to outline the situation of the club, and he seems to have clear ideas: “The priority is to consolidate the team in First Division, and for that you have to have firm foundations that allow the club to be sustainable and can be in constant growth “.

The red-and-white delegate has wanted to value the foundations that the grenade: “We start from the extraordinary staff that we have, they are the architects of success. Have very good players, committed, hungry and eager, where the great team spirit stands out, and everyone is eager to keep growing and working “.

It is going to be a slow and complex market

Patricia Rodríguez, Granada delegate

But beyond the existing wickers, the Granada will have to go to the market to raise the competitive level, although it will not be easy: “We have high quality players, but you need three or four pieces to complete the kit. It will be a slow and complex market, everyone is with the handbrake on, we will have to see the opportunities that arise “.

Patricia rodriguez tries to fit all the figures so that the numbers add up: “The reality is complex economically, there is a situation that must be turned around. We have limitations, but we are working to find and achieve small margins that allow us to have the parts that complete the equipment in order to be super competitive. “

“Si make a very strong investment one year and the income does not evolve, therefore it is not easy to maintain it. Borrowing is important, but it is the general trend in all clubs. You have to control that debt and face the payments, everything is provisioned, but it is necessary to optimize the resources to have explained Patricia Rodríguez.

Fans deserve to enjoy themselves on the field

Patricia Rodríguez, Granada delegate

Apart from accounting balances, the return of the fans to the stadiums in great news for Granada and football: “We have missed so much, after what they have lost they deserve to enjoy themselves on the field. Next week the subscription campaign will be released and we will maintain prices. “

Nor has he forgotten Patricia Rodríguez from the quarry, to which in this new stage will continue to be promoted: “The commitment to the subsidiary is firm, there are eight players who are doing the preseason with the first team and several likes Robert Moreno. We are going to work so that those players of the future become present and complete the itinerary “.

Thinking ahead, the Granada works to retain talent so that a case like that of Rui Silva: “There is no player who has asked to leave. The priority is to close the squad for this season and from September 1 those topics are on our agenda. We must conserve and enjoy our assets and then get the most out of it, the parts have become a natural part of any team. “

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