Pellegrini: “Hopefully we are at this same level in the last 10 league games”

The Chilean coach, very satisfied with his team, especially with Fekir, who scored a great goal and opened the way to victory against Levante

MAnuel Pellegrini, Betis coach, was very satisfied with the performance of his players in the victory against Levante, signed with a fantasy goal from Fekir, which opened the can, and another from Juanmi. The Chilean coach highlighted the mental strength of his team to get up after the defeat in the derby last Sunday.

Match analysis

“A very important victory because we are facing a very difficult opponent, with very creative players and with the exception of the first ten minutes, the rest of the game we knew how to control them very well, scoring two goals and having two or three clear chances. The game left me very happy, also because of Nabil’s goal because he needed it. “

Fekir’s goal

“It was a spectacular goal, he had the brilliance and strength to face three or four defenders, pass with the ball at the foot and define very well. The defense, which was so criticized at the time, we have 10 clean sheets. with collective work both in attack and defense “.

When you have lost, the next one wins

“Until November we were an irregular team, with important falls, but playing well, like against Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. The irregularity of a team when one tries to instill a new idea. From December we did start to get performance, happy of having a creative game, which is what the Betis fan wants, not looking for 0-0 against a team with a bigger budget or losing by the minimum. Hopefully now we have the ability to finish the last ten games at the same level. “

Calm down

“We were all very hurt by the defeat against Sevilla, although we proved to have the same level. It was difficult for us to get up, just like when it happened with Barcelona or when we were eliminated in the Copa del Rey. But there are defeats that make you realize that you’re on the right track. “

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