Pipa, Villar and Puado, the first strangers shown in the window of the European sub 21

The three footballers were discovered by the general public during the match against Slovenia

CAs was already seen in the opening match, this European under 21 can serve soccer players who succeed outside Spain to be more recognized by the Spanish fans. Far from our borders or far from the spotlights of the most prominent teams in our football, we have young players who succeed and are highly respected.

Three clear examples were given in the meeting of La Rojita in view of Slovenia last Wednesday. Gonzalo villar was the Mvp, Pipe took over the right wing and Handful scored the first goal of the match. None of the three was known to a large part of the football fans of our country and all of them are important in their respective clubs.

To present them to the general public we start with Gonzalo villar, which is why he is playing European competitions and leading the baton of a historical one of the continent such as the Rome.

Formed in the lower categories of Valencia, the group che did not value the Murcian as it should and let him escape for refusing to pay 600,000 euros. Shortly after the Rome It was not thought to pay four million for him without having debuted in LaLiga Santander.

Pacheta he polished his football in the Elche and last season Villar he opted to go out to the Roman group. The beginning was not easy. He arrived in the winter market and between the adaptation and the pandemic, he only played 311 minutes spread over 11 games.

One year later everything is different. It has become the channel of the Roman game. All the balls pass through him as evidenced by the fact that he is the player who comes into play the most on his team. This campaign has already added 36 appearances and exceeds 2,000 minutes of competition.

In the Championship it is very rare that a game is lost Pipe with the Huddersfield. The ex of Spanish he had to pack his bags after playing just 13 games as a parakeet. He reached the blue and white team in the juvenile category, he left on loan to Nástic de Tarragona in the 18/19 campaign and now it seems that he had no room to fight for promotion.

With Pedro Porro in the absolute and having Luis de la Fuente attentive to every step he took, Pipe he has known how to take advantage of his opportunity in the sub 21, where he has appeared and disappeared according to the existing competition and the sections of the seasons.

He began the qualifying phase with the U21 to stay out of the call in the following calls, but the 32 games he accumulates this season have thrown him up to Slovenia.

He signed for three seasons and the Huddersfield paid about 700,000 euros, but from European under 21 it can come out doubling its value.

At Spanish they discover nothing when they come to Javi puado scoring goals with the U21s. The attacking parakeet this season has only missed the matches for his club that have coincided with calls from the national team. He has eight goals and is being key in the Blue and Whites’ fight to return to First.

Last season the transfer in the Real Zaragoza. After practically not playing during the first part of the season in the Spanish, went out in January to the Aragonese team where he was an ideal partner for Luis Suarez.

Thus, in a tournament where promising youngsters usually make themselves known, in the first match of Spain there are already three who have struck the table.

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