Quarterbacks dance in the NFL with everyone pending from Deshaun Watson

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ANDl nfl market is on fire, especially when it comes to the quarterbacks, and there are several changes that may occur in the next few dates, in addition to those that have already occurred. The key is held by Deshaun Watson, who if he leaves the Houston Texans will cause a cascade of movements.

First of all, let’s talk about the exchange of cards that has occurred between Rams and Lions. Jared Goff leaves the Los Angeles franchise to land in Detroit and Matthew Stafford goes the other way. The latter is a bet by the Angelenos, who they see as the best fit in their current squad, whose main asset is their defensive gear. The Lions, for their part, does not go bad at all as they receive the number 1 in the 2016 draft, still with good prospects, in addition to a first round in 2022 and 2023, plus a third round in 2021.

On the other hand is Deshaun watson, what has requested the transfer to leave Texans. The Houston franchise is already taking calls but insists that his player will not be traded. This will continue until someone knocks on your door with the right offer. Watson is a ‘top 3’ of the league’s QBs and it seems normal that he wants to go to a team with a better present and short-term future. In fact, a few minutes ago it was known that franchise president Jamey Rootes has resigned and it is not known what it will bring to the Texans now.

Deshaun has a contract until the 2025 season and the Texans can retain him until 2028 if they want. The market depends a lot on being transferred. The new manager -Nick Caseiro- and the new head coach -David Culley- have already said they don’t want to let him get away. Dolphins, despite having Tua TagovailoaHe seems like one of the teams with something to offer that would be most interested in becoming the Texans quarterback. Bears and 49ers are also looking for a game director.

The next is Carson Wentz,, a league star who wants to leave the Philadelphia Eagles and they do not look down on the transfer, as long as they get something like what the Lions got for Stafford, because they have the young man Jalen hurts in their ranks and they already look askance at the draft. Wentz’s numbers have been bad this year and some now remember Nick Foles.

Finally, regarding Drew brees, you have to wait and see if it is withdrawn or not. Most likely, it will no longer be active and will become NBC Sports commentator, but what is practically certain is that he would not continue in Saints after accepting renegotiate his contract very low to give salary space to the New Orleans in the face of new hires.

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