Rui Silva and the goal dilemma


Cas he did in his day with Pau Lopez, the Betis has known how to move with skill and intelligence in the market to take over the services of the Portuguese Rui Silva, one of the most outstanding goalkeepers this season in The league, at zero cost. Taking advantage of the still player of the grenade The contract ends on June 30, the Verdiblancos made him a four-season offer that he could not refuse.

Thus, and although his hiring has not yet been made official (he is also focused on the selection of Portugal to play the Eurocup), Rui Silva joins the already large roster of goalkeepers of the team of Pellegrini. In addition to the Portuguese, the Chilean has a contract in force Claudio Bravo (until 2022), the getafense Joel robles (2022) and the Asturian Dani Martin (2024), in the process of recovery after suffering a serious knee injury in winter.

An ‘overbooking’ between clubs that invites the sports management, commanded by Antonio Cordon, and the coaching staff, with the Chilean coach at the helm, to reflect on the best way to close the position for the 2021-22 season. An assessment in which, in addition to the logical sports variables, in search of the maximum possible performance, purely economic aspects come into play that affect planning …

Two options on the table

With Claudio Bravo convinced to continue the remaining contract year, with the support of Pellegrini, the theory dictates that the Chilean and Rui Silva they would defend the green-and-white goal this next season, competing face to face for a starting position, Joel would have to find equipment and Dani would come out yielded. With three competitions ahead, as happened in his day with Pau Lopez and Joel himself, there should be games for the Chilean and the Portuguese to share the limelight.

However, there is another possibility that is not negligible at this stage of the market if we also take into account that the injuries that weighed down the first months of Claudio Bravo in the Betis seem like a thing of the past and that, like the former goalkeeper of Real society, Barcelona Y Manchester City revealed, they were due to an erroneous post-match personal preparation that he has managed to completely correct in 2021.

With the Chilean at the highest level, as he demonstrated in the last third of the championship playing every game and every minute from matchday 28 to the end or in international matches with his team, and Joel as an alternative, after a good year in which he showed more lights than shadows, the option of repeating the pair of goalkeepers for the next course and taking advantage of the important market with which Rui Silva coming to the club can be an interesting solution for sports planning.

Takashi Inui’s background

A transfer from the Portuguese before he is even placed under the orders of Pellegrini could report to Betis an interesting capital gain with which to undertake other hires to reinforce the workforce. An important dilemma that was raised three years ago with the Japanese Inui, after its spectacular world before reaching the Betis, but in that case it was resolved by rejecting proposals and betting on their incorporation to the staff.

The president of the club is scheduled to, Angel Haro, and the vice president, José Miguel López Catalan, intervene in the official media of the Betis to review all the news of the verdiblanco group. The situation of the goal, with the signing closed and not yet announced of Rui Silva, may be one of the topics to be discussed. Although there are still almost three full months left on the market and a succulent offer can change everything at any time, in goal … and in any other position on the team.

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