Sevilla will say goodbye to its magic diamond

Lbequeath the holidays of summer and with them, the goodbyes. In the case of Seville are coming changes and one of the areas mentioned is precisely the one that has given him the most joy as a team this season. The magic rhombus made up of Bono, Koundé, Diego Carlos Y Ferdinand has given a lot to SevilleBeing the anchorage when everything else failed, saving points that have led the Nervionenses to dispute over third consecutive season the Champions League. The numbers speak for themselves: the Seville is heteam that has lost the fewest games in this league next to Real Madrid (4) and the one fewer goals conceded (30). As the club published this morning, you have to go back 71 years in history To find the former and only Seville less scored than First.

When some component of the diamond has been missing, the team has noticed it. How many times has this course been repeated? ‘Seville misses Fernando’… Except for a capital surprise, they will not be seen together again defending the elastic Nervionense. For make boxthe two main designated are the central Diego Carlos and Koundé. Another great campaign for both and this time, after to reject on several occasions to Premierthat door could be opened. diego charles is he player with the most minutes disputed from the arrival of Lopetegui to the bench of Seville. A total of 11,854 distributed in 135 gamessigning six goals and one assist. Almost nothing.

Fernando and Bono could leave Sevilla

Ferdinand is one of the best, for many the best, defensive midfielder what has happened to him Sanchez-Pizjuan. Tactically close to perfectionshines in all aspects of the game, but his ankle problems they forced him to go through the operating room last month of March. The last week he was already seen working on it grass of the sports city. feel no discomfort and ironically even affirming that he has an ankle “like that of a 20-year-old boy”. A luxury booster for the season to come.

And what about Bondthe first Zamora Trophy of the history of Seville. He said Lopetegui what is a individual award but collective recognition. The Moroccan has been the best goalkeeper in the League with 24 goals conceded in 31 gamesan coefficient of 0.77 beating Courtois Y Alex Remiro. pointed Bond in an interview that having Diego Carlos and Koundé, “you can sleep peacefully”. The competition is over and it’s time build a new project. The rhombus will say goodbye.

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