Simeone’s security corridor


Oblak, Savic, Koke and Suárez form the backbone of Cholo

Hwe have listened to all our lives Luis Aragones talk about the security corridors of the teams. For him, much more important than any game system. If a team was built around a strong safety corridor, that team was going to perform regardless of the team’s drawing or style. Finding those pieces is essential for any coach. Reviewing the numbers of the rojiblancos this course, it seems relatively easy to find the number of Simeone.


A self-respecting security corridor has to have a great goalkeeper, a central with command in the square, a midfielder with the ability to mark the style of the team and a striker who makes a difference. Atlético had already met the first of the requirements for a long time. Jan Oblak He is undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in football if he is not the best. To taste the colors. Starting from goal security, Cholo has built all his successes as a rojiblanco. This course was not going to be any different. Despite a losing streak at the defensive level, Atlético is by far the team with the least thrashed. Oblak has returned by virtue of his privileges in recent games and the team relies on him again. The first piece of that security corridor has a name and surname.


Continuing for the defense, Atlético has found this course in Savic the most solvent central of the team. After his friend Oblak, he is the player with the most minutes on the pitch so far this season. Life insurance for Simeone. Injuries, the great enemy of the Montenegrin other seasons, are respecting him this year to the point that he has only left the eleven by suspension (twice) and a rotation on the second day. It never rotated again. It has earned recognition with an unknown regularity. He’s the leader behind and one of the guys with more team character.


Koke. Impossible to go through the security corridor of Atlético without its captain. After Oblak and Savic, he is the third player with the most minutes. The Vallecano has alternated this season the position of interior with that of positional midfielder. In both it has had phases of great performance. His presence seems essential when it comes to defining the style of the team. When he has played as ‘5’ he has given the team greater clarity when it comes to going out with the ball played. In the interior position he had more presence near the rival area and finding a way to associate with players like Joao, Lemar or Carrasco. It is difficult to imagine Atlético de la 2020-2021 without Koke.


Only the forward would be missing and it seems absurd to have to explain the figure of Luis Suarez. Only his presence in the team has finished modifying a game idea that began to take its first steps last season. Bringing the team closer to the rival area both when defending and with the ball have been some of the consequences of the Uruguayan’s arrival. Something that in recent weeks has been difficult for him to maintain the team during the ninety minutes of the match. Nineteen goals in 25 games They are numbers to fully trust the front of your security corridor. Or so Simeone will think.

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