Steps forward by Delaney … and Tecatito Corona

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LActivity is still frantic in the Sánchez-Pizjuán. Open negotiations in several ways. The tug of war typical of this era where no one gives anything away and all the participating actors want to feel like they are victors when they sell or buy. Monchi takes all the fronts. And it has quite a few open. From positions to be reinforced, with several candidates, to those exits that keep getting stuck. In the incorporation chapter, in addition to the one known by Rafa Mir, which will be official tomorrow since he has landed in the Andalusian capital today, the sports director is close to specifying one of the most complex: Thomas delaney.

The Danish midfielder from Borussia Dortmund It takes days with an agreement with Sevilla. The problem has revolved around the demands of the German club to let out the midfielder, who has one year left on his contract and will turn 30 at the beginning of September. Today MARCA had that even Sevilla had activated other options, such as that of the Frenchman Kamara (who is also an option for the center of defense), although the priority was undoubtedly Delaney. From Germany they report that the Borussia has already lowered from the immovable 10 million to seven, while Sevilla has raised its offer to six. Movements with a path: Dress Delaney in white and red. The strength of the player in the negotiation is being important.

And another issue, once cover the needs in the center and tip with Delaney and Rafa Mir, Monchi has it in the band. Leaving, as is the intention of the club, both Idrissi as Munir, there is a free place for another player of a different profile than what you already have. It is no secret Lopetegui’s devotion with Jesus Crown. After a few first movements as to what price the Porto for the 65% it owns (12 million), the player himself has completed some procedures that were essential to be a real option for Sevilla this summer.

Tecatito Corona has already obtained Portuguese nationality (as he has shown in his social networks) and he would no longer occupy an extra-community place. With the signing of Gonzalo montiel, Sevilla have the three allowed occupied, so without the new Tecatito passport, their hiring would be useless. A step forward in an operation that looks like a final gift for Lopetegui. While, Monchi will continue working on the other needs of the squad and in that dazzling sale that, every day seems clearer due to the sevillista expense, must be done before the end of the market.

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