The arrival of Petxarroman puts players with contracts in a problem


ANDl announcement of signing of Alex Petxarroman by Athletic for the next three seasons is falling. It will depend on the whim when choosing the moment because although he has a contract with Real Sociedad until June 30 there are no problems to communicate his hiring. In principle, it will be done coinciding with the moment in which the Real announces the resignations in its subsidiary. The side has 24 years old and his future in Zubieta was more than complicated because by age he could not make the subsidiary compatible with the first team.

Athletic offers you a three-year project, although his place is not assured. Will have to win a perch in preseason among the 23 players that Marcelino wants in the first template. Signed to play on the right side of the defense, although Xabi Alonso has also used it on the inside, his incorporation puts players with contracts in a problem. And the fact is that Petxarroman has a number from July will imply that there have been casualties on the right wing, where this season footballers have appeared who have only one year of contract in the entity.

De Marcos, renewed after the Super Cup, and Capa, who opened talks months ago to continue but there is still no agreement, they are direct competitors for the position, although Marcelino has already used Laguardia, one of the captains of the squad, in a more advanced position. Incorporation into defense It would affect Lekue in the same way, although he has a longer contract and, therefore, the negotiation to leave would be more complicated. In front, the only footballer likely to leave the club is Ibai.

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