The Ciudad Deportiva del Atlético, cover the Estadio de la Cerámica … and other uses that will give ‘LaLiga Impulso’

The closing of the transfer market and the rush to register players for 2021-22 are, right now, what worries clubs the most. However, the funds that LaLiga will receive from Cvc for the program LaLiga Impulse they go beyond that 15% that they can allocate to their workforce and that alleviates, in the very short term, the urgencies of those exceeding their salary cap who think them

to accept. There’s a

70% of that money

that it has to go, necessarily, to structural improvements and modernization of professional clubs. This means that, for example, of the approximately 190 million that Atlético de Madrid will receive, just over 28 will alleviate their salary cap needs, while almost 135 will go to their new

Sport City

thanks to the agreement with LaLiga Impulso that they will approve in the Assembly on August 12. Despite the fact that several presidents fear an attempt by Real Madrid and Barcelona to stop this vote in the Assembly asking for some m

precautionary measures before it takes place

, The truth is that the vast majority of professional teams are in favor of the agreement with the Cvc fund. In principle all but those two and, if anything, abstention or vote against Athletic.

13 clubs already have it clear

Most clubs become clear about what the extra income their club receives will be used for. Betis about 100 million euros, the

about 110 … They always have to be in the improvement of structures and modernization, so these are the main projects of the clubs that are having it clear. The most striking thing is the ambitious project to cover the Estadio de la Cerámica del

. For the current champions of the Europa League, one of the most solvent clubs in all of professional football, this measure will allow an improvement of their stadium to place it at the highest European level. For him

Atletico Madrid
, which has the new stadium, these funds will be decisive for the new Sports City that they plan to build.


they do have to improve the Sánchez Pizjuán and Los Cármenes, in addition to their sports cities, while the

, in full, to the Sports City.


It plans to create a University for sports managers, in addition to improving its training facilities. In the case of

what they want is to finish those already started, which will receive this impulse to improve plans and deadlines. The case of

I raised
is one of the most representative: with serious problems to register the players already signed, due to the difficulty of selling in an impoverished market like this season, the team of

Quico Catalan
It will benefit in the very short term from the improvements in staff costs, but also for the works of its stadium, which were almost finished, as well as its new sports city. More on time than ever, for the granotas.

In second

The most ambitious project of LaLiga SmartBank so far is that of the

Sporting de Gijón
, who wants to improve and expand the Mareo Football School. Specifically, the construction of a residence with more than 100 seats to meet the needs derived from the club’s international agreements, as well as a sports hall.



plan to decisively improve their sports cities, La

, on the occasion of its centenary, it plans to improve the stadium and its headquarters, as well as the soccer players’ residence. The rest of the clubs, both in First and Second, have up to three years to manage in what they want to invest the injection of

2,700 million euros
that the Cvc fund wants to sign with LaLiga, whose coming out depends on the vote at the next Club Assembly.

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