The eternal nightmare of Andrea Falcón

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The Barcelona player, injured from the two crusaders, goes under the knife again due to problems in her right knee

Andrea Sánchez Falcón was called to be one of the most decisive players in the Old Continent. Nevertheless, the rupture of the cruciate ligament in both knees and the problems derived from both injuries have put the Canary Islands in a loop from which it does not finish. The player, currently in the ranks of Barcelona, ​​will undergo surgery again next Thursday with the long-awaited wish that it be the final one.

Falcón signed for Barcelona in 2012 from Unión Viera and during the four seasons that he was in his first stage in Barcelona, ​​he combined his performances in the subsidiary with the first team. The canary exploded in the European Sub’17 of 2014 in which Spain was runner-up (falling on penalties against Germany) being the top scorer and receiving the MVP of the tournament. After that he signed for Atlético de Madrid, where he could barely play 59 games (scoring 6 goals and distributing 8 assists) due to injuries.

Return to Barcelona and break of the other crusader

Everything was going for him until on April 6, 2017, he broke the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in training. A bad gesture in a fall that would end up taking the Canary Islands to the operating room days later. He spent 11 months in the dry dock and he returned precisely to Barcelona. The Canary Islands reinvented itself and little by little it was acquiring level to the point of entering Jorge Vilda’s plans and playing the World Cup in France with Spain in 2019.

The ghosts of the past reappeared on December 16, 2019, the season in which he returned to Barcelona, falling injured in the derby against Espanyol again from anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee. After undergoing surgery again, Andrea was eight months stop until he was discharged on December 4.

New passage through the operating room and back in 2021/22

However, the sensations on the green were not good for an Andrea who He has barely intervened in 140 minutes so far in the League. Behind there was a hidden reason: his right knee ailments, the same one that was injured in Madrid and whose problems he has continued to drag on ever since. The Canary Islands have recently undergone a series of diagnostic tests that have confirmed that she suffers from a injury to the patellar cartilage of that right knee.

Although at first the possibility of conservative treatment was considered in order to avoid the operating room, the player decided jointly with the club’s medical services that it be operated next Thursday by Doctor Ramón Cugat in Barcelona with the hope of being able to return in time for the preseason of the next course. Hopefully without pain and sheltering a nightmare that has already lasted for four years …

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