The first ‘signings’ of Espanyol to consummate the promotion


Dimata, Vadillo and Miguelón had a clause to continue in case of promotion and Diego López will continue because he reached 30 games

ANDl Spanish has indirectly begun the first movements of his return to the top flight. Dimata, Miguelón and Vadillo They had a clause in the transfer to continue with the Blue and Whites in case of promotion. Variable that occurred last Saturday. What’s more, Diego Lopez It also renewed automatically after reaching 30 games and has played them all.

In the case of Vadillo, Espanyol will have to disburse 1.8 million euros to Celtic. The amount is not higher because the player has not had much prominence in the block of Vicente Moreno. Miguelón, long-term injured after having to undergo surgery in February, will not return to Villarreal. For another, Dimata will continue in the RCDE Stadium. The forward has had many minutes since he arrived in the January market.

Diego Lopez, for his part, he renewed last season with the option of another one in case a series of sports variables arose. Specifically, that added more than 30 meetings. The Galician has once again been indisputable in the goal of the Spanish and fight to be the goalkeeper with the least thrashed in the category.

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Parakeets face the January market with many open fronts, but now they are focused on closing the season as champions of Second. However, among the more immediate subjects, the future of Handful.

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