The Kongdogbia jump


The Central African will start again after his good game against Elche

Tthree months had to wait Geoffrey kondogbia to enjoy the ownership again with the shirt of the Athletic. The midfielder has been immersed in a season that is far removed from what he probably had in his head. His performance has not been what a footballer who paid 15 million euros should have given, but he still has time to rectify this situation. Before him Elche was one of the most outstanding players of the team of Simeone and his performance will have a prize.

The engine of the Athletic before him Barcelona will be the former player of the Valencia. Simeone will pull him to take advantage of his great physical display in front of his defense and give some more freedom to Koke and Lemar, which will both act indoors.

“TO Kondogbia They see him little, but he always worked in the same way, he trained with the illusion of being able to participate, showing that he is available and when he had his opportunity, he took advantage of it. I am happy with the work of players who have the patience to work and football gives them back their effort, “he said. Simeone over his ward after the victory against him Elche last Saturday.

Thus, at the decisive moment of The league, when the physical marks clear differences and in which the pressure squeezes all the clubs that want to tie up their respective goals, there is no doubt that Kondogbia you can pocket your new hobby.

Winner against Barça

Kondogbia You know what it is to make life bitter for Barcelona. Last season, in the visit of the Catalans to Mestalla took possession of the medullary in the victory of the Che team by 2-0. He was the footballer who made the most robberies of the game, he did not lose a single ball and was even the one who did the most dribbling of his team. Now it is his turn to repeat as a mattress maker.

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