The League without its Magic, its Bird and its Jordan

Semanates from memory. In the 70s the NBA was an almost underground brand on the North American show. The pavilions, overdosed on empty chairs, watched a competition that was a mix of good scorers, good smokers, good rebounders and good aspirators. Then they came Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, one from the arrogance of Boston and another from the smiles of Hollywood, and the machine for making popcorn and dollars went into combustion.

Behind them, the fireworks. Michael Jordan, accompanied by a caravan of stars, he presided over that stampede of greatness a few years later. The NBA became an industry and it remains so. It is their territory, an electrified kingdom in which the normal thing is that a mediocrity charges 60 million dollars for four years.

They left for money

The league, a product in expansion during the volcanic mandate of Javier Tebas, has lost its Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. Neymar left first for money; then Cristiano left for money and now Messi has left for money. Too much punishment in a short time for a competition.

A store that loses its three best windows is forced to reinvent itself and not repeat mistakes. Cristiano Ronaldo coincided with Messi for nine years and it was impossible to organize a joint appearance of both before a classic.

Now the company no longer has Messi, Cristiano and Neymar, but has an investment fund discussed by the two giants. In a cold war environment it was too naive to think that Florentino Pérez were to accept that Tebas without prior notice organized a part of Madrid’s income for him for 50 years.

Eternal ‘Torpedo’ Müller

The goals of Gerd ‘Torpedo’ Müller They will not expire. He belonged to the tyrannical Bayern of the 70s, where also the myths had a nickname. Beckenbauer was the Kaiser and it only took twenty seconds to see him to understand the name.

The legendary German battering ram died this week. Culibajo and wide, it was not scary until the last eleven meters of the field. Nobody turned around like him. Few have understood the area like him. He acted as if he kept the quilt, the sheet and the pillow there. Anatomy had no secrets for his goals. If it were on the market, it would be worth more than Haaland. Bayern play today with Torpedo Müller in the area forever.

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