The Legend Returns: ITU Basket Sports Club Born From Its Ashes

The team, consisting of former athletes and trainers from ITU, rolled up their sleeves to train new talents and national players for Turkish basketball. Former athletes and coaches from İTÜ, who started to work by renovating the hall in İTÜ Gümüşsuyu Campus, started to work to raise the basketball stars of the future and become the pole star of Turkish basketball.

In 1953, Ord. Prof. Dr. In order to bring the İTÜ Sports Club, which was founded by Emin Onat and left its mark on a period, back to its old days, it started its journey with the new name “Istanbul Technical Basket Sports Club” with the approval of the ITU RECTORATE, and has more than 200 former ITU Sports Club trainers and players. Among them are former ITU A team coach Mehmet Aykaç, former ITU infrastructure manager Marcel Mori, former ITU infrastructure coach Okhan Çayıroğlu Ali Rıza Mengüç and Fahrettin Balkır, former ITU infrastructure players and now important business people Murat Başkaya, Holy Housing names such as Çakır and Cumhur Doğan, the club aims to bring the ITU community to the center of basketball where it misses again.

Istanbul Teknik Basket Sports Club, which started its preparations to compete in TB2L in the 2021-2022 season next year, has started its infrastructure works for a while and continues. The club, which has a small and star team at the infrastructure level, aims to compete in both professional and infrastructure leagues with a holistic approach by adding a youth team and A team next year.

Mehmet Aykaç, President of Istanbul Teknik Basket Sports Club; “We set out last year to bring a new breath to basketball. Our aim is to build our own future with our children that we will raise ourselves. We have removed Gümüşsuyu Sports Hall from years of idle time and renovated it. Both the floor and the roof. In our Basketball Sports School, we first advise our children to be educated and morally good people, and then we train them to become good athletes by our expert coaches. In addition, our Junior and Star teams, which are made up of selected athletes, have already been created to play in the leagues next season. We are moving slowly and surely on the philosophy of “Good person, right basketball”, “he said.

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