The most emotional celebration of Espanyol’s rise


Jordi Sabaté Pons, sick with ALS, toasted his team’s feat

Jordi Sabaté Pons is, as he defines himself, a YouTuber and activist, suffering from ALS for six years, which, moreover, is Espanyol fan. Not even his grave and incurable disease has taken away eager to celebrate the return of your team to the First Division and so he wanted to verify it on his social networks.

Sabaté, who cannot move, speak, eat, or drink and is breathing with difficulty, uploaded a video on his Twitter profile in which with the help of a close friend He toasted with beer for the feat of his team while the club anthem sounded. A toast he dedicated to the mythical deceased captain, Dani Jarque.

He has been with ELA for 6 years, barely moves his head … but thus celebrates the rise of Espanyol!

An ironic fighter

Despite his illness, Sabaté is a person full of life, with a great sense of humor, often being ironic with his reality, as he constantly demonstrates. Without going any further, he was joking hours before the match that Espanyol played against Zaragoza with another friend with ELA about his non-calls for said match.

In addition, it is a firm fighter against the disease he suffers. A fight that has united him with the team of his heart, through the founding of Espanyol.

The promotion of the parakeet club is for Jordi one more reason to continue living and loving life.

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