The Ramón de Carranza stadium will be renamed Nuevo Mirandilla: where does the name come from?

ANDl participatory process to change the name of the Cádiz CF stadium, initiated by the city council of the city, it has been closed concluding that as of this Thursday he ceases to be called Ramón de Carranza to become the New Mirandilla Stadium.

The controversial decision Before and after the process, it will continue to be part of the usual conversations between Cadista fans who do not understand this change that has been made to comply with the Law of Historical Memory and the Andalusian Democratic Memory Law since, as has been insisted since The town hall of La Tacita, Ramón de Carranza contributed to the coup in Spain in 1936 and was closely related to the Franco dictatorship.

The councilor of the town hall Martín Vila, one of the most responsible for this process, highlighted at the press conference that a total of 1,270 records were issued in the vote, of which 1,068 have been considered valid votes.

The participatory process, this time yes, has concluded successfully, at least without incident since it had to be repeated due to the failure in the first attempt weeks ago. On this occasion, only people from Cádiz registered in the city and over 18 years of age have been able to participate through the transparency portal in which they had to put a single option among those chosen and in which they were found “Nuevo Mirandilla “, the most voted option with 25.8% of the votes that were collected in a voting system that has been open between 9:00 am on Monday, June 14, and 9:00 pm on Sunday, June 20.

The voting results for the new stadium

  • Nuevo Mirandilla: 25.8% of the votes.
  • Silver Cup: 17.8% of the votes.
  • City of Cádiz: 15.9% of the votes.
  • Bay of Cádiz: 14.2% of the votes
  • Gadir: 12% of the votes
  • Gades: 7.2% of the votes.
  • La Pepa: 4% of the votes.
  • De La Laguna: 2% of the votes.

Where does the name come from?

History comes and goes and sometimes, over the years, it seems to be destined to rediscover itself. Even though you can move forward in time It is evident that in Cádiz CF today more than ever they will want to know why their stadium goes from being called Ramón de Carranza to Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla, a common and familiar name for the most ancestors of the Silver Cup. Because Cádiz CF and Mirandilla FC had a lot in common 85 years ago, as much as one became another.

The Mirandilla stadium (officially Mirandilla Sports Field) It was the field of Mirandilla FC for twenty-two years, from 1933 to 1955. During this time it was the stadium and the city team that saw how the humble cadista group grew little by little, happening according to some historical sources, to play from regional to Second in just two years.

But over the years, the deterioration of the stadium and various circumstances made the name became Cádiz CF, also caused by popular pressure. Because there was always a spirit in the city for the team to bear the proper name of Cádiz. With the civil war involved, the name debate went on for a long time, wanting ‘Mirandilla’ to disappear as such.

And it is that history always has political overtones that influence. So much so that then, at the dawn of the Second Republic, a team “created by priests” was not amusing. (Mirandilla FC was the team derived from the San Miguel Arcángel Lasallian school and that in 1924, did not have the full approval of the fans, as stated on the website).

So, since the story is whimsical, on June 24, 1936 and already dated June 25, it was approved at an Extraordinary Meeting, with debate and discussions (as now) the change of the name of the club going from ‘Mirandilla FC’ to ‘Cádiz FC’.

The minutes made it clear that it is still the same club for all intents and purposes, except that it changes its name. Just a month later, the military coup d’état will take place that will lead to the Civil War and with it to the paralysis of sports competitions. And later the construction of a new stadium, the extinct Ramon de Carranza and now Nuevo Mirandilla.

On June 24, fate once again linked Cádiz CF and gave Mirandilla a piece of its history own, since the stadium will bear the original name of a club that gave many joys to a city that will have in the field the reminder of the beginning of this beautiful sports idyll.

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