The three hits that coincided with De Paul’s departure from the field

Against Mallorca it happened again. Match that Atlético loses when Simeone decides to remove Rodrigo De Paul from the green. Coincidence or not, the middle left the field with the tie to zero. He contemplated in the band how Cunha chased and got the 1-0 … and then he did not give credit (like all the rojiblancos, like the whole stadium) of the Visiting comeback in the final minutes to 1-2.

It is not, in any case, the first time that it happens that the rojiblancos have worsened their result when the former Udinese is no longer on the pitch. Perhaps this is one of the most painful for the rival’s entity, a Mallorca that had seven games without winning, and for contemplating the new reality of Atlético, that in which hIt is no longer an impenetrable team when it comes to defending the scoreboard.

“This team has given many samples of character, personality and how these games are played”

As we said, it is the tthe third time in the last few weeks that De Paul’s departure from the field coincides with a negative result for Cholo’s. No one will forget the experience in Mestalla, where the rojiblancos went 1-3. The international albiceleste left the field when there were barely three minutes of regulation time. The end is known to all, two goals from Hugo Duro, two points less and the image of Simeone dejected and alone in the stands.

Also in Champions

It is not a problem that is limited only to LaLiga. In defeat The same thing happened against Milan on the last day. De Paul left the green in the 78th minute with a draw that was a good result for Liverpool’s win over Porto. The point was worth to achieve qualification with a draw against the Portuguese next Tuesday, but the Italians scored at the end in a curious ‘cabal’ when the middle is not on the pitch.

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