The three lessons left by Real Madrid’s ‘League of Comebacks’ and that Atlético must take into account

14 seasons have passed since the one that Fabio Capello’s Real Madrid of 2006/2007 won, when the Whites tied at 76 points with Barça in the last minute

Madrid can never be considered dead. “It could be said that the rivals of the Whites have always repeated this sentence like a mantra. Even Messi has signed it at some point. And they are right.

There have been so many occasions when, when it seemed that everything is sentenced, chance, fate, luck and, of course, talent were combined with each other and the balance fell on the meringue side. For the enjoyment of your hobbies and the frustration of your rivals.

A thousand and one examples could be found, even with Atlético de Madrid involved in the equation, but being treated as It is a League as tight as the one that is being lived this year, which came to be called the League of Comebacks (2006/2007) could give a good account of three nuances that Atlético de Madrid should take into account if they want to be champion next Saturday.

Match by match and golaverage in favor

Atlético has lost the golaverage with Madrid. Alfredo Di Stefano’s 2-0 and Wanda’s 1-1 speak for themselves. If there is a tie on points, Madrid win a league in which they have never been leaders, the same situation as 14 seasons ago, when they tied with Barça at 76 points in 2006/2007.

That Real Madrid came from not winning anything in the last three years and Ramón Calderón, who was inaugurated as president, brought a sure value: Fabio Capello, who returned to the white entity a decade laters. It was the year of the explosion of Messi, who scored a hat-trick against Madrid to prevent the whites from defeating the Camp Nou, although they had already won at the Bernabéu, something that, in the end, would be crucial.

Messi celebrates his third goal for Madrid with Ronaldinho.
Messi celebrates his third goal for Madrid with Ronaldinho.Fernando Zueras placeholder image

From that moment, the Madridistas, despite playing bland football, pulled on what has almost never failed them: grit and effectiveness in front of goal. That happened on matchday 26 and, until that moment, Madrid had barely opted for first place in the table.. But he never strayed too far (the most to six points). But the day 34 arrived in which, they repeated the comeback that they already endorsed a Sevilla second in the table the previous week (3-2). But, this time, it was for four goals to three and Espanyol, key in the subsequent resolution of that league.

“’90 minuti are molto longos … ‘”

Juanito’s already emblematic phrase to the Inter players after the 2-0 in Milan reaffirms what Real Madrid has been able to do in its history even when the outcome did not depend on them. So much so that that tie was overcome by the whites at the Bernabéu 3-0. And it could be said that, no longer the white stadium, the league can be very long if Madrid chases you, because in one way or another, almost as if you were playing against Rafa Nadal, he will try to surpass himself and will go for it all.

Val Nistelrooy scores the tying goal for Zaragoza which, together with Tamudo's goal at the Camp Nou, gave the League to Madrid.
Val Nistelrooy scores the tying goal for Zaragoza which, together with Tamudo’s goal at the Camp Nou, gave Madrid the league.

The culé fan could weigh something like this when, on matchday 37 of that league, Barça’s victory, both at the Camp Nou and the league championship, slipped from their grasp.

The last two minutes of Zaragoza-Real Madrid and Barcelona-Espanyol represent a milestone in the domestic competition. In just 20 seconds Van Nistelrooy tied at 2 at Romareda and Tamudo with his Tamudazo he achieved the same score at the Camp Nou.

Conclusion: a heart attack ending

The game that Atleti played against Osasuna at Wanda was not without epic. Unlike. So much so that Madrid was the leader for a few minutes, until Simeone’s men managed to overcome Budimir’s 0-1 in the 89th minute thanks to a goal from Luis Suárez. And as has been the custom this season, the rojiblancos depend on themselves. There’s no more. Although it often seems that players want to test the hearts of their fans. The good thing, it is expected, that said the BRAND chronicle.

In the same way, the Real Madrid fans who came to live the last game of that League of the Comebacks lived it because, of course, Capello’s men had to do one more to overcome the 0-1 that Mallorca achieved when barely 15 minutes had elapsed at the Bernabéu. And that with Barça beating Nastic in Tarragona.

Diarra and Reyes, the heroes of the match against Mallorca on matchday 38, celebrate 2-1 and the comeback.
Diarra and Reyes, the heroes of the match against Mallorca on matchday 38, celebrate 2-1 and the comeback.Diego G. Souto

It wasn’t until ’67, with Van Nistelrooy and Beckham injured but with José Antonio Reyes already on the field, when it occurred. The Utrera scored the tie, then Diarra made it 2-1, and again the Andalusian sentenced.

Regarding this last day, it is true that Valladolid he gambles his life at home, but Villarreal also if they want to save an extra pass to Europe in case things do not go well in the Europa League final. In short, the slightest error and the smallest deconcentration can destroy everything that has been worked this year. There is a league, although with a heart attack ending.

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