The two great records to which Barcelona aspires and they do not console him


The Catalans still fight for a title that they have very difficult, but also to finish among the two best for the 13th consecutive season and on the ‘podium’ for the 18th time in a row

TOhe Barcelona has made it very difficult for him to see what would be his twenty-seventh league title, although as long as he can get it mathematically he will not give it up. But also, whether I win it or not, has a shot to match two great milestones of the league championship, which would remain for the books, although it does not console the Catalans if they do not take the league trophy finally to their showcases.

First of the records is to overcome Atlético or Real Madrid and win at least the runner-up. This would mean finishing again among the two best in the League and achieving it for the 13th consecutive season! And it is that since 2008-09 it has never been surpassed by more than one team in the final classification, adding 8 titles and 4 runners-up until this season. If he manages to overcome one of the two rivals, he would equal the tremendous series of Real Madrid, which he established precisely at 13 as a historical record thanks to his 10 titles and 3 runners-up between the seasons 56-57 and 68-69.

Barcelona and Real Madrid do not get off the ‘podium’

The second historical mark in his hand would mean finishing on the league ‘podium’That is to say, among the best three, a somewhat easier challenge, because here Koeman’s men depend on themselves and they would only have to keep Sevilla at bay. In this case, the Barcelona team has accumulated 17 seasons, always finishing in the leading trio, in a series that started in 2003-04 next to Valencia. It currently surpasses Real Madrid by one, which that season finished fourth but from the next one was definitely installed among the top three in the League. Both threaten the historical record, owned precisely by the Madridistas, which they could not dismount from the top three for 18 seasons, between 51-52 and 68-69.

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