TOFAŞ – Happy Casa Brindisi match result: 72-91

In the fourth week match of FIBA ​​Champions League play-off round Group I, TOFAŞ lost 92-71 to Italy representative Happy Casa on the field and said goodbye to Europe.

TOFAŞ Basketball Team hosted Happy Casa Brindisi in the last 16 rounds of FIBA ​​Champions League, Group I, 4th week match. While the fight started with mutual numbers, both teams made an effective appearance on offense. While the 5th minute was passed with the advantage of the Italian representative by 10-11, Brindisi, who made the difference with the harmonious game of Bell and Perkins, finished the first period ahead 21-27.

Trying to be a partner in the game with Phillip’s numbers in the second period, TOFAŞ could not show the hardness it wanted in defense and gave easy shots to its opponent. In the 15th minute, the guest team had a score advantage of 29-38. Brindisi, who carried the difference to double digits with Visconti, did not allow the defense and went 36-51 in the locker room.

Starting resistant at the turn, TOFAŞ reduced the difference to 10 with DJ White’s mid-range basket: 43-53. However, the Italian representative, who regained efficiency from the painted area, prevented TOFAŞ from finding a rhythm in the attack with his defense. The Italian team, which started to reopen the difference, started the final period with a score advantage of 53-72.

Brindisi, who took the control of the game in the last 10 minutes of the match, was ahead 64-80 in the 35th minute. While the TOFAŞ front had difficulties in finding solutions in this episode, the Italian representative, who kept his rhythm in the last moments of the struggle, won the parquet 72-91.

Following this result, TOFAŞ lost its chance to go to the next round, taking its 4th defeat in its 4th match in the group, and bid farewell to Europe. Brindisi, on the other hand, got his 3rd win.

HALL: Nilüfer TOFAŞ Sports Hall

REFEREES: Ademir Zurapovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Fernando Calatrava (Spain), Luis Castillo (Spain)

TOFAŞ: Purcell 11, Berk Uğurlu 8, White 4, Simmons 3, Phillip 22, Zubcic 5, Berkan Durmaz, Christon 10, Batın Tuna, Alihan Demir, Mert Konuk 2, Muhsin Yaşar 7

HAPPY CASA BRINDISI: Bostic 5, Gaspardo 8, Thompson 11, Perkins 13, Willis 12, Krubally 10, Zanelli 3, Visconti 8, Cattapan 1, Guido, Udom 4, Bell 16

PERIOD 1: 21-27

CIRCUIT: 36-51

3rd PERIOD: 53-72

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