TOFAŞ-Kalev Cramo match result: 77-81

TOFAŞ Basketball Team lost 81-77 to Kalev Cramo in the 2nd week match of Group F of Basketball FIBA ​​Champions League.

TOFAŞ Basketball Team hosted Kalev Cramo in the 2nd week match of Group F of Basketball FIBA ​​Champions League. At the beginning of the match, Kalev Cramo, who hit 3 points in the shots of Melson and Silins, took a 6-0 lead in the first minute. TOFAŞ finished the first quarter ahead 25-18 with the scoring contribution of Berk Uğurlu, Cruz and Zubcic on offense. Starting the second quarter well, Kalev Cramo took the lead 28-27 in the 13th minute.

The first half ended with 40-40 equality, thanks to the accurate shots found by TOFAŞ basketball players. Cramo, who scored with Melson’s accurate shots in the 3rd period, took the lead 59-49 in the 27th minute. The guest team finished the third period ahead with a score of 62-58.

Effective with Lewis in the last period, the guest team increased the lead to 6 points in the 31st minute, increasing the score to 67-61. With good defense, TOFAŞ equalized the score 71-71 with Cruz in the 37th minute. Kalev Cramo was ahead by 2 points in the last 18 seconds with accurate outside shots from the players.

Trying to get the ball from the bottom of the basket with Lewis, the guest team couldn’t get the ball out of their hands for 5 seconds, and the last attack was left to TOFAŞ. When the blue-greens did not evaluate the last attack, Kalev Cramo won the match 81-77.

HALL: Nilüfer TOFAŞ Sports Hall

REFEREES: Boris Krejic (Slovenia), Alexandre Deman (France), Martin Vulic (Croatia)

TOFAŞ: Zubcic 10, Berk Uğurlu 16, Cruz 17, Cook 5, Muhsin Yaşar 8, Emre Tanışan 10, Shepherd 6, Berke Büyüktuncel, Yiğit Arslan 5, Ali Taşkın

Kalev Cramo: Lewis 17, Silins 8, Berry 10, Nurger 4, Kitsing 8, Melson 24, Kurbas, Hermet 8, Dorbek 2

1st PERIOD: 25-18

CIRCUIT: 40-40

3rd PERIOD: 58-62

5 FOUL AREA: Min. 32.09 Nurger (Kalev Cramo)


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