Torreira does not close the door of Atlético


ANDhe Uruguayan midfielder, attended a sports station in his country (Sport 890) and reviewed his season as a rojiblanco as well as his future for next season. Now, he wants to focus on the blue team and the America Cup, then it will solve where it will play the next course.

Role at Atlético: “I talked a lot with my dad, one when he gets used to playing is complicated, but he has to learn the team he’s on. Playing in the Atlético midfield with players like Koke, Llorente, Lemar who is world champion, Herrera, Kondogbia… It’s hard. Great players. I knew what my role was and I tried to take advantage of every opportunity. The year was tough because of my mom, but the year ended well with the title “

Historical year: “When you don’t play, you always look for explanations. I think that by working things are achieved. I feel like I was in one of the best teams in the world. I managed to enter the history of the club and that is the most important thing “

Relationship with Profe Ortega: “The teacher is a crack. As a person, at work always very seriously. It was seen throughout the year that the team flew. From the first moment he treated me very well. It was a year where I really enjoyed his work”

Atletico future ?: “We’ll see what happens, I have a contract with Arsenal. When the America’s Cup passes I’ll sit down with my manager and we’ll see. I do not rule out Atlético de Madrid at all. They treated me very well and when you are treated like that and you feel comfortable that is very important. The group was always very kind to me. When my mother’s thing happened, they were all very aware. But then you have to value everything, you want to be important in a squad. With time we will see what is the best “

No news from Arsenal: “I have zero contact with Arsenal. No one has contacted me. Now I’m with the national team and once the holidays are over they will send me the dates so that I can attend training sessions “

A very long-suffering League: “There was a lot of nervous, a lot of anxiety. The game with Barcelona and Madrid played with Sevilla. We had a lot of things that happened to us, but we were very strong as a team. It was seen all year. It was not a coincidence. We were up all year “

Importance of Luis Suárez: “During the year I spoke with my family about Luis. I knew him from the national team. But being with his family every day … It is a privilege to be his teammate. He and Josema had gestures with me, they were always with me. Luis was key all year. And when it had left that they were closed, it gave us the victory. Above all, on the day at Osasuna when we felt the year was slipping away from us, it was crazy to win with a goal from Luis “

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