Vallejo: “I have learned to dose in training and get to games well”

Tto spend a year and a half in grenade, Jesus Vallejo is a different player. In the Nasrid city he has returned to enjoy football after some difficulties in the Real Madrid and a disappointing handover to Wolverhampton. These last months have allowed the Aragonese to be with the Olympic team and play some Games that can serve as a showcase, since in his mind he is returning well into August to work in Valdebebas.

“It is clear that when you go with the national team it is to try to add to a collective level and knowing that if we do a good job everything has an individual impact on us. Saragossa we had a good role with the national team and I signed with him Madrid, then he was on loan Frankfurt and we did a good job with the under 21 and I ended up in the Madrid the following season. Summer tournaments with the national team have always brought me good memories and I hope this is one more, “says the defender to BRAND.

Higher quality trainings

In a year and a half wearing the shirt of the grenade, the Aragonese footballer has only missed five games due to injury. Gone are the problems that pointed out so much to him during his first stage in the Real Madrid And now, he acknowledges: “It may be that in training we have known how to differentiate with the coach when it was necessary to be intense and when it was calmer. Dosing and arriving well at the games, I have finished learning, preparing in training without giving everything, everything, to get to the games with energy. Enjoying the day-to-day with the teammates I’ve had has been key for things to go naturally. “

On Los Cármenes has found the continuity that it did not have in the Santiago Bernabeu and on their participations under the orders of Diego Martinez affirms: “Being available for the coach, especially when you have many competitions, is key because in the end you are going to play. Europa League, League and Cup The coach rotated a lot and by being available and doing things well, one will have the opportunity. This has happened and I am very happy with how I have been this year and a half in grenade“.

Enjoying clearly more time on the field than off the green is something he wants to take advantage of Vallejo, although when he looks back and on his first stage in the Real Madrid acknowledges: “I tried to do my job as well as possible and be available. Sometimes, perhaps due to ignorance, it was possible to think that I was more games off than I really was, but you learn from everything and I am happy to have made the decision to go to grenade. It was very successful. “

Looks in white

Disputed Jesus on the free square that leaves Sergio Ramos the Aragonese focuses on the day to day. “The market is a bit stagnant in every way, but after the Eurocup there will be more movements. I am here calm, being aware of what it is worth to be doing things well, focused on training and with my teammates. From then on, things come on their own, “he says. Vallejo.

Finally, one of the captains of the Olympic team returns to his comfort zone, to play with a Selection which has given him so many joys and where he has obtained so many fruits. grenade It has been a success for him and the Games a dream. On Tokyo look for gold and a hole in the template that makes Carlo Ancelotti.

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