Voro says goodbye to the Valencia bench with a wish: “I hope this does not happen again”

Voro says goodbye to his sseventh stage of Valencia. The Valencian coach closes in Huesca his cycle of four games in which he has achieved two victories to certify a mathematical salvation andavoid that the team suffered more than necessary in the end. But the technician doesn’t put hot cloths on the situation “The season has been bad”, make it clear. And it does not give away calls. Cutrone, out again. And in case anyone had doubts about Valencia’s attitude in his match in Huesca, he makes it clear: “Let’s be honest, I have friends in Elche and Huesca “.

How Valencia faces the game

“We face it the same as all games, our line is very clear because it is also the last game. For them it is vital, but we want to climb positions, other teams play a lot and if we had been in the situation of other teams we would like to let rivals play with everything. “


“They remain without summoning Rivero, Jason who has a swollen ankle and by technical decision Patrick Cutrone”.

Decision to leave Cutrone out

“Nothing concrete happens with him, but we have other options, there is nothing personal, nor has there been anything strange”

Analysis of the season

“Outside of these four games, the season has been bad, I am not going to elaborate on the ‘why’ it has been bad. In the four games that I have been, the team has been settling more every day and the 5-3 system -2 has allowed us to have more consistency and we are happy. I am happy with the attitude of all the players in training. “

His last game as a coach

“I try to give normality to having to be the coach, it is a responsibility in difficult situations but I assume it. I hope this does not happen anymore because it will be an indication that things are working. I am very ‘skater’ [sufridor] and I like to have everything under control and it is true that it has been complicated by the anxiety, the nerves and the tension that the players had. “

Possible farewell to Kang-in Lee

“All the decisions we have made are based on immediate criteria. There have been very fair decisions when making one or the other. I don’t know if he will renew or not.”

Possible twinning with Elche of the Valencian Community?

“I have friends in Elche and Huesca, we must be honest and play the same as always, because many teams risk their lives. We will not make Huesca go down or Elche save themselves, the season is very long and defined throughout the year. “

Assessment of Bordalás, candidate for the bench

“I have no information that he is going to be the coach, the club has not told me anything. He is a very good coach who has achieved a lot with Getafe, but as I tell you, it is not my decision”

Advice to the new coach:

“If the new coach asks me, I will give him my opinion, but I don’t expect them to consult me. If they do I will lend a hand, of course.”

Veterans and farewell to Mangala and Gameiro:

“The atmosphere in the dressing room this year has not been bad in a difficult context, we are very satisfied with how everything has ended. We are very happy because there has been a good connection between the youngsters and the veterans regardless of whether some played more and others less. There have been a few words to thank Eliaquim and Kevin for their work, their professionalism has always been very good “.

Valencia is the worst visiting team:

“We hope to win tomorrow by breaking the bad streak and also by finishing as high as possible.”

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