Wass uses the ‘Celtic method’ to leave Valencia

Daniel Wass, what still it’s found in full official competition with his team in the Eurocup – plays the semifinals against England-, should manage your future and it is not easy for the club that has your file. The 32-year-old has been for just over a month launching probe balloons. More indirectly than directly in this case and compared to the past. Everything from your country. Throwing messages. Y leads to that he is not comfortable in Valencia.

In fact, the reaction that the Danish ‘off-roader’ is having It is similar to the movements he made at the time when he believed that his time at Celta de Vigo was over. He forced the machine. And all of it in one series of maneuvers after finishing the 2017-18 season where he pressed in such a way that the olive entity had no choice but to accept his departure to Valencia.

Ten years playing away from Denmark is a lot … I miss friends and family

Daniel Wass (Valencia player)

In Vigo he made it clear. It was decided at that time. Perhaps because he had the ambitious Valencia project behind him and that is why in the middle of summer he began to launch probe balloons. But direct. “I’m going to play in a team that will be in the Champions League,” he went on to say.. Within a few weeks Celta had no choice but to sit with Valencia to agree to the transfer.

On May 2018 said goodbye to his teammates, and the club, without his sale being closed. And the formula used by the footballer surprised the Vigo club.

At the moment he does the same but he is not so direct. He has not dared to be so in that clear way. Although it has been launching probe balloons but not so emphatically, although the bottom line seems to be what it is. He is looking for an exit from Valencia and has used the same strategy that he did in Vigo in his day. It’s more the last day collected all the belongings possible from your locker … just in case, but I was already guessing the matter.

It will be a 100% family decision …

Daniel Wass

It leaked from Denmark that Brondby and Copenhagen were trying. It is because there was a predisposition on the part of the player. Skipped the option of Sporting from Portugal, of Marseilles“Ten years playing away from Denmark is a lot … I miss friends and family”. Another nod from the player over the last month … And recently the words from the Danish concentration. “It will be a 100% family decision …”. Wass’s door is open more than ever. And the player’s way of proceeding does not escape this moment management model.

He has one year left: a ‘now … or now’

Daniel Wass has a contract for one more year, until 2022, and for many months there has been talk of Valencia’s option to sit down to renew it but it has reached the point that less than a year remains and the situation is the same. In Vigo he also reached his last year of contract. And forced the matter out.

The player He is 32 years old and it is time to make a firm decision. Or a renewal with all of the law or on the contrary an exit. And the machinery, meanwhile, has been running for a month. Very similar to what happened in Vigo … although at that time the one behind it was a Valencia that put an ambitious collective and personal project on it (and agreed with it by winning the Copa del Rey), but at the moment at his age he may already be looking for other ends than those.

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