What if Marcelino asks? It’s already 24 days and there is no closed exit

ANDl month of June advances and the first team has consumed more than half of a vacation period that began 24 days ago after dismissing the season with the bike ride to Urkiola. Since then Athletic has had no movements despite the fact that before closing its office in Lezama Marcelino and the club agreed on a summer of outings. What if Marcelino asks now? The technician went to enjoy the summer with his family and considered It is a priority to face the next campaign with no more than 23 players in the portfolio, although he assumed that in the preseason there would be some more. But right now there are 11 more players ready to start the preparation time (medical analysis on July 5 and first training on July 7).

“When you come to Athletic you know that there are different conditions. What the sports management and the financial commission decide on the chances of arrival will be what is done. The task of the coaching staff is not to decide which names can come“This is the public reflection that Marcelino made before taking a vacation. The coach has repeated on more than one occasion that he is aware that Athletic’s particular transfer philosophy makes them complicated and highly marked. So, on that side , will not be pushy.

The negotiated of the technician is in the composition of the group. And it has been more than clear about it. “My idea is to shorten the squad. Without European competition there is no reason to have 3 players in one position.“He recalled. The increase in competitiveness he wants for the team is to reduce the number of members in the locker room. It is a reasoned dynamic.” I have more influence on casualties than on arrivals. In the outings, we will have an opinion because we have worked four months in different situations and it allows us to have a fairly detailed analysis and contrasted with the opinion of the club. There I am going to have a part, not a determining factor, but an opinion, “he commented in an interview on Radio Popular shortly after starting the holidays.

In the absence of 16 days for the players to start the medical tests, the list of footballers under their orders amounts to 34, which is an exorbitant number even for the first days of preseason. The sports direction that heads Rafa Alkorta has not yet been able to place any of the players who started the summer with the recommendation to listen to offers. Not doing it before July 7 would be a problem, but it would be more serious if the team was still loaded with players at the time of starting the stage in Switzerland. What if Marcelino calls? In the club are lucky that on the other side they will not meet Gattuso, which this week has left Fiorentina hanging only 23 days after signing his contract because the club and the coach were going in different directions in the composition of the squad.

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