Write: “The referee literally told me: ‘I’m sorry I took on the game so soon'”


The coach, who describes the duel against Alavés as “a great final”, gave his opinion on the expulsion of Raúl Guti and a possible penalty per hand in the last game

ANDhe Elche coach, Fran Escribá, described his team’s next game against Alavés as “a great final”, on Tuesday at 8:00 pm at the Martínez Valero. And is not for less. It is a very direct duel for salvation three days from the end. Both sets are separated by only two points. With the franjiverdes in decline and a point from the salvation zone, which marks the Real Valladolid.

Scribe indicated that a victory would mean “a very big step” to achieve continuity in First. “It is a direct rival, which we would overtake if we win,” said the Valencian coach, who warned that “there will be nothing definitive whatever happens” in the match.

There will be nothing definitive whatever happens


The green-franj preparer pointed out that the group “was not particularly touched” by the last defeat against Real Sociedad (2-0), “very conditioned” by the early expulsion of Raúl Guti. And “the results of the weekend” of direct rivals have encouraged them: “Leave the situation similar, although with one game less. People convey confidence to you and optimism. We are an honest and honorable team. “

Escribá is “convinced” that Elche he will be saved “for sure” if he wins his last three games, against Alavés, Cádiz and Athletic de Bilbao. “We are going to leave the skin to achieve the last nine points,” he said. However, the Valencian coach also considers that no set at the bottom of the table “is going to need to score that many points” to get salvation.

Six in the fight

“In normal conditions, we are six teams involved and adding is going to be very difficult. There are teams that play against rivals with goals accomplished and lose. For example, Huesca lost in Cádiz this weekend. And it can happen to us in the last two days. There will be maximum equality in each game, “he explained.

Escribá expects “a very difficult game” against Alavés, which he said “has an excellent coach and a very good squad.” The green-franj preparer showed his “personal appreciation” for his counterpart in Vitoria, Javi Calleja, with whom he worked “a year together” at Villarreal. “We know each other, but not enough to know what the other can do. I am convinced that he will have a clear first plan depending on how the game goes, “said Escribá, who believes that his rival will not go for a draw.

No one understands most decisions

Write about the referees

“Watching their game, I don’t see them coming to the retreat and the backlash. It will seek to be deep to do harm. He has very dangerous forwards. It is a very physical and dangerous team from set pieces. They benefit more from the draw, but I am convinced that they are not going to play that, “he argued.

Finally, questioned by the controversial expulsion of Raúl Guti and a possible penalty per hand in the last game, Escribá presented his criticism of the refereeing criteria: “There is a lot of movement in the newspapers, but it has not affected a ‘little one’. Nobody understands most of the decisions. I saw the image of Carrillo (the possible hand) and as a soccer man, he would not whistle a penalty. But he would not expel footballers in his life because of what happened to Raúl. In this type of entry, the important thing is voluntariness. And in that one, clearly there isn’t. I think it is loading a competition “.

They benefit more from the draw, but I am convinced that they will not play that


“The referee literally told me: ‘I’m sorry I took the game so soon.’ As a coach, it is very hard to hear that. Although he did not say it with bad intentions, “continued the Elche coach, who also expressed his opinion on the decisions with the hands: “Some are whistled and other similar ones are not whistled. The referees do not clarify among themselves. I think the problem comes from the source. The unification of criteria is not clear. “

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