Ziganda stays in Oviedo


JI said Ángel Ziganda will continue on the Oviedo bench next season. The club announced the agreement with the Navarrese coach that He arrived at the Oviedo team in February 2020 and will face his second full season at the helm of the Oviedo ship, like a club bet that decided to continue even before the arrival of the new sports director.

With this ad Oviedo clears the first unknown of its sports planning. The understanding between both parties was an open secret since before the end of the season and now it materializes. Together with Ziganda they will continue in the coaching staff Bingen Arostegi, as a second, Alberto Martinez, as a physical trainer, and Sergio Segura, as a goalkeeper coach.

A reflection to raise the level

With the outlook on the bench cleared up, the club’s efforts focus on close the new athletic director, that he will already meet with the signed coach, but that should not be a problem since the continuity of Ziganda was sung and all the candidates would have given their approval the Navarrese technician.

Loren Juarros, Rubén Reyes and Juan Luis Mora they seem to have gone the furthest among the applicants. Arturo Elías Ayub will have the last word on the team’s new sports manager and his decision is maturing, while at the club they try to maintain activity so as not to be delayed in a market that, at the moment, does not present great movements.

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