A call for unity from Mayor Deveciler in Denizli Basket


Turkey Basketball League to seven weeks before the end of the regular season, which peaks partner Merkezefendi Denizli Municipality Chairman Veli Deveciler Basket, made the call to become one heart of the city.

Aiming to bring Denizli to the ING Basketball Super League for the first time in history, Merkezefendi President Deveciler said, “Difficult matches in the remaining 7 matches in the league. A moment of lethargy will burn us”. Mayor Veli Deveciler stated that the preparations for Bornova Belediyespor match on Saturday away from Izmir are ongoing and that the length of the league is shortened and it is harder than the other in the remaining 7 matches.

Deveciler said, “We are happy that we have passed through a difficult week. But we have learned lessons from this game. Every team in the league is preparing very well for the matches and a momentary loss of concentration leads to hard-to-compensate results. This week we will play away with Bornova on Saturday. Bornova Belediye is a team that will beat every team in İzmir with its good players and successful technical team. A match that we need to be very careful. I hope we will play and win our match without any problems. It is difficult, we have 7 matches. We think that the fight for the league will continue until the last week. I hope we will be the party that is happy with the support of the city.


Expressing that Denizli city should protect the team, Veli Deveciler said, “The whole Denizli is following our team. The support they will give us is more important than anything else when we are this close. If our players feel this will increase their championship belief one more time. “Let’s not miss this opportunity to show how special Denizli is. Let’s give our basketball team the support it deserves with envy.”


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