Aitana Bonmatí: from MVP to MVP


He made his debut with the children’s team a decade ago with the same award achieved in the Champions League final

Aitana Bonmatí was a 13-year-old girl when she first set foot in La Masía. The club’s scouts had seen her play in the Cubelles of the Catalan Regional and noticed in her a differential footballer. With a small body and excellent talent, the one from Sant Pere de Ribes did not hesitate to accept the offer from the Barça team. Together with his father, Vicent, They had been looking for a women’s team for a long time because until then they had only played with boys and the age limitation for mixed football could jeopardize its competitive future.

Although the interest was clear, Barcelona wanted to see her in action before formalizing her entry into the club. The test took place that summer of 2011 in a children’s tournament that was held in Tàrrega, a small town in Lleida, where Aitana wore the Barça elastic for the first time. It came out in such a way that she was named MVP of the tournament and her entry into the Barça quarry was immediate.

Debut with the first team in 2016

Bonmatí matured through all the lower categories of Barcelona until he debuted with the first team on June 18, 2016 in a Copa de la Reina match against Real Sociedad in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas where he came out in the second half replacing Jenni Hermoso.

The midfielder is one of the untouchables for Lluís Cortés, a coach who is helping him to polish his quality on the green. Because although in the drawing it would be located in the center of the field, the freedom of movement with which Barcelona plays in the wide oarcela allows it to be omnipresent. She wears the overalls to help with defensive tasks and the fairy to do magic in the definition zone.

An outstanding finale

In the final of the Champions League she was over-motivated. He went out to eat the world and did it in little bites. It was a perfect complement to Hamraoui in creation, he teamed up with Hansen in the right lane and it was a nightmare for the Chelsea defense who did not know how to nullify it. The most visible was the third goal, a play by the Barça team in which Aitana took advantage of a perfect assist from Alexia to dodge her mark with a subtle touch and define low against Berger.

UEFA highlighted her as MVP of the final, a milestone that he will always keep in his memory and that he celebrated with his companions on the green. She is the first Spanish to achieve it in the continental event, but it is not a strange award for Aitana. This same season was recognized as the most valuable player in the final of the Queen’s Cup last year against EDF Logroño. But his thing, more than collecting awards, is winning trophies. Although it all adds up, of course.

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