Ata Can Atsüren is at Drexel University!

19-year-old Ata Can Atsüren, one of the infrastructure players of TOFAŞ Sports Club, won the right to compete on behalf of Drexel University in the American College Basketball League (NCAA) Division 1 with a 100 percent athlete scholarship.

According to the statement made on the subject, Ata Can Atsüren, who has been playing in TOFAŞ Sports Club since the age of 10, received an athlete scholarship worth 250 thousand dollars from Drexel University, one of the NCAA teams, and had the opportunity to continue both his education and his sports life at the same time.

The 1.93 meter high scoring quarterback, who will continue his education and basketball career in the USA, will take the stage in the NCAA with the Drexel Dragons jersey starting next season.

Ata Can Atsüren, in his statement, stated that he had the opportunity to work with many valuable trainers in the TOFAŞ Sports Club family.

Stating that they have achieved many successes with their coaches and teammates, Atsüren said:

“I would like to thank all my coaches for their efforts so far. I would like to thank especially Tolga Öngören, the general manager of TOFAŞ Sports Club, and Samir Seleskovic, who guided me through all kinds of difficulties and pushed all my limits to play the right basketball in training. “My biggest dream is to be a good basketball player. I was very excited when I received an offer from NCAA teams a year ago. We evaluated the situation with my family and TOFAŞ Sports Club managers. I tried to improve my English all my life to play basketball and get a good education, and at the same time, I never interrupted my training.”


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