Betis, pending Sidnei, William and Joel in their market closure

TO less than 48 hours after the summer transfer market closes, the Betis He is still pending the situation of three footballers in his squad: Sidnei, William Carvalho and Joel robles. The Verdiblancos need at least one of them (the rest of the candidates seem discarded except for an unexpected last-minute offer) to leave the club between today and tomorrow to be able to register their last signing, the Brazilian forward Willian jose, and only in the case of another very beneficial sale or transfer could they try to carry out one more incorporation to the campus.

Sidnei continues to aim for termination

In principle, the principal appointed to end his stage in the Benito Villamarin seems to be Sidnei, which does not enter into the plans of the coaching staff and for whose position, from which he also came Mandi, the club has incorporated two footballers this summer, Pezzella and Edgar. In the absence of convincing proposals, the option to negotiate a termination of the remaining contract year remains on the table and, if nothing changes, it should be definitively resolved in the next few hours.

With Joel roblesExcept for surprise, no news is expected in these last two days of the market. The Getafense goalkeeper has had some proposals to leave this summer, but despite being aware of his situation in the squad, with Claudio Bravo and Rui Silva ahead in the preferences of Manuel Pellegrini, seems to have definitely bet on fulfilling his last year of contract and leaving free in June 2022. Being out of the last two calls does not seem to have made him change his mind.

William Carvalho, with a proposal from England

In case of William Carvalho it is the most complex of the three. In recent days the market has moved for the Portuguese pivot, with a substitute role for the coaching staff. A club of Turkey and another of the Premier League English tested their possible incorporation. Although the team that seems most convinced of getting their services is the Fulham, of the Championship English. Your technician, Marco Silva, already directed the Portuguese international during his time at the Sporting from Portugal, the 2014-15 season.

The interest of Fulham by the Betic midfielder would be motivated by the possible departure of the Cameroonian Zambo Anguissa to the Naples and it could be translated into a transfer proposal, in which the English would take over part or all of their file, with a purchase obligation in case of promotion. Although on the noble floor of the Benito Villamarin they do not end for the moment to see clearly that this movement could end up taking place.

Betis cool down expectations

If so, and always depending on economic conditions, the Betis Perhaps he would have a minimum margin with respect to the salary limit set by The league to make a final addition (although it may not even succeed). If not, not only would you not have any option of considering another contract (except in such advantageous conditions that it does not seem that anyone can offer) but you would not even have chips available. Reason why this Saturday, after the game against Real Madrid, the club tried to cool down any expectations regarding tickets.

“The squad, as always in all clubs, you never know until the last moment how it will turn out. Although, if there is no unexpected exit, it is closed. Sabaly? I insist, except for an unexpected departure, we will stay as we are “, said the sports general director, Antonio Cordon, in the microphones of Movistar LaLiga. A few words endorsed in a way by the vice president, José Miguel López Catalan: “The squad is fair and adequate for what we want, to compete in The league and in Europe, but we are working until the 31st at 12 at night “.

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