Betis presents allegations for the card to Guardado in Valladolid


Not so for the yellows to Mandi and Fekir, since the writing of the minutes made it impossible for any resource to prosper

ANDl legal department of Betis has presented allegations to Competition Committee to try to cancel the yellow card that the Mexican midfielder received last Sunday in the match against Valladolid, in the stadium Jose Zorrilla, third of his account so far this season and which places him only two from completing the cycle.

The lawyers of the Verdiblanca entity have studied in detail the images of the meeting and the minutes drawn up by the Madrid referee Pizarro Gomez, with the aim of knowing if they could have any chance of success claiming for the cards to Mandi and Fekir that will prevent them from playing on Monday against the grenade. But after analysis, this possibility was ruled out.

In the case of the Franco-Algerian central defender, he was reprimanded for “making technical observations” to the referee, something that does not allow much discussion. And in that of the French midfielder for “putting the ball into play without permission and after having told him not to do so,” according to the referee, although no player asked for distance on the wall nor did they listen to Pizarro Gomez make this appreciation.

A different case is that of the admonition to Saved in the 40th minute “for knocking down an opponent in a reckless dispute for the ball,” according to the minutes. A wording that for him Betis it does not adjust to what really happened, for which it provides videographic evidence in order for the Committee to correct the alleged error and the Mexican will not have problems due to the accumulation of cards between now and the end of the season. On the play, Orellana slips and is the one who hits Saved.

TV capture of the play
TV capture of the play

Four warned of sanction

For the final stretch of the championship, the subject of the cards will be one of the relevant aspects. In addition to injuries, covid or the need for points that different rivals may have, sanctions can play a decisive role and in the squad he directs Manuel Pellegrini There are still four footballers under penalty, three of them regular starters in the team.

Fekir Y Mandi will serve their punishment next Monday, staying out of the game against grenade. A duel in which they will be Guido Rodriguez, Channels, William Carvalho Y Miranda, all of them a single yellow card from completing the cycle (the second cycle in the case of the Argentine midfielder) and missing a game. Emerson (eight cards), as well as Bartra, Lainez, Paul, Alex Moreno Y Loren (with three), in addition to what happens with Guarded, they must also be attentive.

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