Villarreal travels to London ready to ‘change the game’


The yellow club promotes the return of the semifinals of the Europa League with a spot with Pau Torres as the protagonist

ANDl Villarreal travel to Londonwilling to change your story. The yellow team starts again with an advantage in a European semifinal after the 2-1 of the first leg in The ceramic against Arsenal and hopes to gain access to his first final in history.

To motivate the troops, the yellow team has prepared an original spot with Pau Torres as the protagonist. Under the slogan. ‘Let’s change the game … #EsOurMomento ‘ The video shows a boy from Villarreal who sees how his team always stays at the gates of the final and drops a small submarine. Now, it is that child who is central to the first yellow team and lifts the submarine at his home next to a ball from the Europa League.

The Villarreal He faces the most important game of the season on Thursday. Emery’s people fly to the Arsenal Stadium with the income of 2-1 in the first leg and without Capoue who was sent off in the first leg.

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