Choco Lozano: “I would like to stay in Cádiz”


The Honduran forward praises Álvaro Cervera and believes that his style of play suits Cádiz very well

ANDHonduran striker Anthony Choco Lozano he is very clear that he wants to continue in the Cadiz CF after a historic season in which the club will remain in the First Division and in which he has not been able to be one hundred percent due to injuries and also after catching the coronavirus. Circumstances all of them that have not prevented him from enjoying his companions just one step away from salvation.

Because if there is a key in this permanence it is the dressing room: “Of course, there is the key, if there is a good dressing room in the end it is reflected in the field. We are a very united team that we go to one and that helps you get out of moments We went through difficult situations during the season when the results weren’t coming, but that camaraderie and that humility gave us to get ahead. ” Words of the striker catracho in Direct Brand Cádiz where he has also recognized that the season is being a success but the fans are missing. “Most of the feelings this season have been positive. Playing in the First Division is always nice, but you still have the thorn of not having people in the stadium. The year as a group has been good and having the difference we have in points with the relegation is something very positive for the club“.

On a personal level, he hopes to be able to give more of himself in future seasons. “I am left with the taste that I could have done more. In the end I had a difficult time with COVID and injuries. The balance I make is general because doing what we did and maintaining the category at this point has great merit. It is a very great joy. “

Inside the dressing room, Choco Lozano has a faithful companion from whom he does not separate and with him he coincided at Barcelona B. “I know Fali since we were in Barcelona. We were door-to-door neighbors and from there we made a good friendship. You have to put up with him a lot (laughing), but he’s like my brother and we get along very well. “

If there is something that this Cádiz is clear about, it is his way of playing and for the Honduran, the key to permanence, in addition to the dressing room, is Cervera. “The coach has things very clear and has been able to convey to the team his way of playing. Since we got to training we know that we have to do what the coach tells us. Since he arrived, he has made Cádiz a great team and has achieved incredible results. ” Cervera’s playing style is not the most showy, but it has proven to be a very effective one that translates into points. “We always want to win games, but there are times when it is not enough just to play nice. We seek to win all three points and if this way works for us then it is good. First we must maintain the category and then we will think about what can work for us and what not for the following season. “

He has two years left on his contract and he wants to fulfill them. “I have two years left on my contract and I want to fulfill them here. I don’t know what plan the board has. Anything can happen in football. I am very comfortable and I would like to stay in Cádiz. I feel good to close the year in the best possible way. What we want is for the team to stay in the First Division for many years and in the future to fight for something else, but first we have to consolidate the team in the League and grow as a club little by little “.

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